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Launches DIRECT ASSAULT On Christians

The Obama administration’s Commission on Civil Rights has released a terrifying report that lays the groundwork for legal persecution of Christians in America.

The report, entitled “Peaceful Coexistence: Reconciling Nondiscrimination Principles with Civil Liberties,” asserts that religious liberty and the free exercise of religion are merely an excuse for bigots and racists to get away with discrimination.

“There’s a fairly significant effort to suppress or subordinate religious practices and religious beliefs in service of a broader agenda.”

“The phrases ‘religious liberty’ and ‘religious freedom’ … remain code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy or any form of intolerance,” Martin Castro, chairman of the commission, said in a statement included in the report.

“Today, as in the past, religion is being used as both a weapon and a shield by those seeking to deny others equality … This generation of Americans must stand up and speak out to ensure that religion never again be twisted to deny others the full promise of America,” Castro said.

However, the ones twisting anything in order to deny others the full promise of America are Castro and his leftist cronies on the commission who would subvert the First Amendment in pursuit of their ideological agenda.




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  2. That;s what they think that we’re talking code. BS they invented the dog whistle. Its the biggest bunch of bull shit I’ve seen. Unfortunately, its par for his course.

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  3. High Horse Strong said:

    I’m more than tired and fed-up with Oblabla wiping his ass off with our Constitutional Rights!

    Plus, why is EVERYTHING these days all about racism, discrimination, intolerance, etc., with this guy?! His false narratives have gotten very STALE as well as his tenure in office.

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  4. HHS you said, “I’m more than tired and fed-up with Oblabla wiping his ass off with our Constitutional Rights!” Gawd you are so right. Every day he comes up with another way to wipe his ass. I’m sick to death of it like you.

    Everything is about racism and other phobias for this Fraud so he can make crap up and shut us up. Indeed his narratives are stale and I think many people are onto him.


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