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…………With NO Security Clearance

JASON CHAFFETZ: Did you have a security clearance at that time?

JUSTIN COOPER: No, I did not have a security clearance.

CHAFFETZ: When did you leave the White House?

COOPER: 2001.

CHAFFETZ: 2001. Did you ever have a security clearance at any level after that?

COOPER: No, I did not have a security clearance.

CHAFFETZ: And you had full access to the whole server the entire time that you were working for the Clintons?

COOPER: Yes, I had access to the server.

Judge Napolitano argued that Cooper’s testimony was the most informative yet.

NAPOLITANO: The gentleman who testified before the House Committee this morning was the most informative we’ve heard. He was an employee of the Clinton family and of the Clinton Foundation and he had complete and total access to the Clinton emails – and he had no security clearance.

STUART VARNEY: Who told him to smash one of the cellphones? Have they got to that yet?

NAPOLITANO: He didn’t answer.

The judge also said the truth about this whole saga might finally be revealed.

VARNEY: Are we getting really close now to full disclosure of all these emails?

NAPOLITANO: Senator Grassley – in part because of his personal tenacity and part because of his position in the Senate as the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee – is oh, so close to exposing for the first time in this whole saga, the truth. He has demanded of the FBI that they separate the classified from the non-classified and as of this morning, hasn’t gotten an answer from them yet. The FBI commingled classified with un-classified and put it all in the Senate safe room. Whatever is in the Senate safe room can only be viewed without a mobile device, without written materials and by signing an oath you won’t reveal what’s in there. Even though much of what’s in there is revealable which is the non-classified. From the non-classified he has said if he could reveal it, it would be earth shattering.

 Earlier Chaffetz digs in on James Comey:


Comments on: "Clinton Aide Had Full Access To Her Server….." (11)

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  2. ‘Saga’ = appropriate

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  3. High Horse Strong said:

    UNREAL! Thank you for these eye-opening articles & videos Pepper!

    I find all of this amazing; if I had done the same thing Hillary Clinton did (handling ANY classified information on ANY non-classified systems), I would have had my clearance pulled immediately and been SACKED ON THE SPOT! Yet the left still pretends this scandal is a non-issue, even though supposedly the FBI hinted that Hillary Clinton’s private server got hacked. If true, one could only imagine the harm Hillary has done due to her arrogance, cluelessness, & carelessness. If Hillary had ANY kind of integrity, she should bow out of the race. But alas, like all liberals/progressives, that’s a character trait they sorely lack.

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    • HHS my pleasure to bring any and all info I can and have the time for.

      Hillary lacks character as you say and that greedy witch is never going to bow out. Even though she’s sick as a dog, she continues on. There is nothing she’ll let get in her power hungry way.

      Good pics!


  4. aaah……This whole saga makes a commode full of fecal matter smell like a bed of roses.

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