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Soon, October 1rst, Obama hands over our Internet to the UN.

This means bad things for us, those of us looking for the truth and exposing it.

Here is an update on what is already going on.

Facebook, Twitter join coalition to improve online news via Breitbart

Facebook, Twitter and news organizations including Agence France-Presse have joined a coalition of  media and technology groups seeking to filter out online misinformation and improve news quality on social networks.

First Draft News, which is backed by Google, announced Tuesday that some 20 news organizations will be part of its partner network to share information on best practices for journalism in the online age.

Jenni Sargent, managing director of First Draft, said the partner network will help advance the organization’s goal of improving news online and on social networks.

“Filtering out false information can be hard. Even if news organizations only share fact-checked and verified stories, everyone is a publisher and a potential source,” she said in a blog post.

“We are not going to solve these problems overnight, but we’re certainly not going to solve them as individual organizations.”

Sargent said the coalition will develop training programs and “a collaborative verification platform,” as well as a voluntary code of practice for online news.

“We live in a time when trust and truth are issues that all newsrooms, and increasingly the social platforms themselves, are facing,” she said.

“Each partner is committed to sharing knowledge, developing policies and devising training in how journalists use the social web to find and report news.”

The partner network includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, The New York Times,  Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, CNN, ABC News of Australia, ProPublica, AFP, The Telegraph, France Info, Breaking News, Le Monde’s Les Decodeurs, International Business Times UK, Eurovision News Exchange and Al Jazeera Media Network.

Other organizations in the network include Amnesty International, European Journalism Centre, American Press Institute, International Fact Checking Network and Duke Reporters’ Lab.”


And just who are these people to decide what story is misinformation, is true, is bullshit?  Who do these organizations and people think they are?

This really means “censorship” folks, not what they are saying. This is what happens when we no longer have control for a free Internet where ideas and stories can be shared and it’s up to each of us to decide what is true or not. This is being taken out of our hands. Posts, tweets, stories these self appointed groups don’t like will be taken down.

I already know that Twitter is heavily monitoring and suspending friends of mine. I hear the same stories from Face Book members.

What will happen to those of us who blog is anybody’s guess right now. I suspect in time we will be censored  too.




Comments on: "Censorship – Faster Than a Speeding Bullet" (8)

  1. Freedom of Speech goes out the window once again – talk about history repeating itself!!!!

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  2. ….Improve online news. MY ASS!!

    I was reading an old George Rasley article stating about how ObShitHead wants to give up America’s Digital Sovereignty. Again, we know whose side ObShitHead is on. And it’s not ours!

    “The Obama administration’s fecklessness and naiveté are on full display in the announcement that it plans to end the U.S. government contract with ICANN and sever the Internet from American constitutional protections, because make no mistake that’s what is occurring here.

    If Republicans and free speech advocates allow the Obama plan to end the U.S. government relationship with ICANN to go forward it will remove American constitutional protections from what is arguably the last free place on Earth and there will be no means of reestablishing them once they are gone.”

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    • HHS great comment and quotes from Rasley. The only thing I would disagree with him is that this is not naivete on Obama’s part. He knows exactly what this means for us. He wants our free speech gone so nothing he and his Commie buddies cannot be open to dissent.

      He has NEVER been on our side.

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