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It’s not just Hillary Clinton’s security detail that is helping to hold up the Democratic presidential nominee.

Following her collapse at a September 11th memorial event on Sunday, mainstream media outlets have rushed to Clinton’s defense.

Even after a Clinton physician acknowledged that she had pneumonia, CNN dismissed months of concern regarding Clinton’s health and well-being as a “conservative conspiracy.”


And the Clinton campaign tried to write off the pneumonia as no big deal, and claimed that Clinton would be healthy as a horse soon.

But given Clinton’s medical history, there’s no way anyone should be making that claim. Pneumonia is, in fact, especially dangerous for Clinton — and nobody in the media is talking about it.

Clinton has a well-known history of blood clots, and getting pneumonia is like throwing gasoline on that fire.

Pneumonia actually causes the body to release chemicals called cytokines that can lead to clots — an especially dangerous proposition for a person prone to them.

An individual with a history of pneumonia has a much greater risk of developing a blood clot in the lungs, and that could cause a deadly pulmonary embolism (a blockage in a lung artery), according to the “Physicians’ Desk Reference,” which is like a holy text for the medical community.

In addition, a 2009 UK study found that blood clots and sepsis “were common and persistent in [community-acquired pneumonia] patients, even among the least ill.”

Worse still, research has found that people with pneumonia have a heightened risk of serious heart problems, and that the enhanced risk lasts for months.

In other words, given Clinton’s medical history, getting pneumonia this badly is potentially quite serious. There is a significant risk that the threat from Clinton’s bout of pneumonia that caused her Sunday collapse isn’t over, but just beginning.

The disease significantly increases Clinton’s chances of a heart attack, sepsis, pulmonary embolism, or fatal blood clots.

This is what the media should be reporting on, given Clinton’s history. It’s something voters have a right to know.

Still a conspiracy theory, CNN?

Having had 3 bouts of Pneumonia myself, I was immediately hospitalized. While in hospital, my doctors sent me down to X-Ray several times during my illness checking on pulmonary embolism, (blood clots). Also I had to do a stress test to check on my heart.

Dr. Samadi from Fox News stated that after the “medical event” she had should have been taken to the hospital asap so she could be monitored by a team of doctors, one of which would be a Pulmonary specialist. While I had pneumonia a pulmonary doctor was assigned to me. Dr. Samadi also stated that she should have received IVs for dehydration and antibiotics. This is of course if she really has pneumonia. 




Comments on: "Hillary’s Health, What Could Be Coming……" (16)

  1. Honestly, I doubt she has pneumonia. She has something else that is much more serious. The pneumonia story is just another bullshit story for the lemmings.

    As you stated from your own experience, she should be hospitalized. Now she’ll go after the sympathy vote and have an excuse to skip the debates where Trump would no doubt crush her.

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    • Nox, I don’t believe it is pneumonia either. I also believe her condition is a severe one as I said on your blog, most likely Parkinson’s since the symptoms we’ve seen displayed before our own eyes match that disease. Now I’m not saying I’m 100% sure of this, it could be something else. But whatever it is, it’s not simple case of pneumonia.

      For bloody sake, I sure hope that ridiculous “sympathy” vote doesn’t work. So many people hate the woman and from what I’ve seen in comments on other articles around the web, she is getting no sympathy whatsoever.

      I’m wondering too if she’s going to use this excuse to not debate Trump. How very convenient for her!

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  2. I agree with Hardnox, clinton has a more serious problem. Here is a short video, by a reported to be Doctor, that explains the pneumonia is tied to a much worst problem. If she is ill I feel for her, but she needs to be honest.

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    • Walt, I’ve seen that video many times and man doctors who have seen it say it is a seizure from having Parkinson’s disease. These seizures are brought on my too much stimulus which Parkinson’s disease patients cannot take.

      And Walt you really don’t expect honesty from her do you? LOL! She lies about everything.


  3. I had pneumonia twice while in the military. Spent almost a week both times in sick bay. Massive doses of antibiotic. What are they hiding?

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    • willibeaux, I think they are hiding her real illness which I believe is Parkinson’s. Like I said I can’t be 100% sure but she sure shows every sign of it.

      Right it’s not so easy to get over pneumonia and just start bopping around on the street 90 min. later after she collapsed. Makes no sense does it?


  4. She healthy as a horse’s pa-2-dee

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  5. High Horse Strong said:

    It could be bad for the ol’ bitty………….

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  6. I don’t really care 1 bit.

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    • aaah, LOL! From all the articles I’ve read around the Internet, you share a common thread with most of the people who comment on those articles. They don’t care a bit either. In fact mostly what I see are things like “drop dead”.


  7. From what I have been seeing of her and the symptoms, I agree Pepp, that it may be Parkinson’s…

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