Wicked Commentary

…Doesn’t Realize He SHUT DOWN The Liberals


You hear the Democrats complain about one thing every four years…


Well, that was swept under the rug in Trump’s latest photo with his Washington D.C. campaign crew — because he didn’t even bring it up.

The liberals were absolutely silent — not a peep of criticism about the photo.

But really, what can you say? Actually, according to Hillary, these hard-working Americans fall right into the “basket of deplorables.”

Check out Trump’s tweet:

I am almost positive that the liberal media will never show or mention this photo. It belies their propaganda that “Deplorable” Trump hates anyone that doesn’t look like him. Oh and along with his supporters.



Comments on: "BOOM: Trump Posts HUGE Group Photo…." (15)

  1. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    The Diverse Deplorable Basket!

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  2. Yep, I’m a self admitted = DEPLORABLE

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  3. High Horse Strong said:

    You can bet the lamestream media will never air or photograph something like this. But since these fine Americans are Trump supporters, the worthless liberal media will continue to play on the false narrative that his supporters are nothing more than ‘deplorable’!

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    • HHS, Wow, you came up with some real goodies! Nope we never see these on the Clinton Campaign Networks. Now I have to include all the channels since it’s not only CNN who is campaigning for her.


  4. Deplorably happy she said that.Shows her true feelings and opinion of us.I still think liquid dumb ass had a hand in her uttering the statement. Recreational inebriation is a friend of the truth.

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    • Bob, you probably right. I’ve seen drunks spill the beans about things that nobody ever knew. I stay away from drunks. I don’t like the behavior especially is they get mean.


  5. I saw a support last week. He was driving a pick up truck and in the back was a pyramid sign saying Trump for a better American. I asked my friend to honk her horn and since she also a Trump support she honk like mad .

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  6. My friend Ann is also for Trump

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  7. Your typical deplorable here from Alabama! Great post showing the evidence of how WE as conservatives are not the bigots that Leftists claim we are! Check out my page for my current and upcoming theological and political posts. Follow for follow. Here is a link to my latest post: https://th3platform.wordpress.com/2016/10/12/speculation-has-become-fact/

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