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….and re-emerging are causing even more panic among Dems

What was initially described by the campaign as an overheating incident has now been upgraded to a report of pneumonia and Hillary Clinton has retired to her Chappaqua, New York, home for a couple of days to rest and recover.

Sans her traveling press pool… and that has launched wild speculation on social media about what’s next for the Democratic presidential nominee.

New closer video of Hillary collapsing shows she
literally fell face-forward even with staff holding her up

Clinton canceled a planned West Coast fundraising swing on Monday and Tuesday after the campaign announced that she had pneumonia. The candidate became ill Sunday morning while attending a 9/11 anniversary event in New York and needed to be held up to prevent her from collapsing. Clinton was captured on video being held up by bodyguards and helped into a van just as her legs gave out on her, causing her to fall face-forward.

Clinton’s physician, Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, said Sunday evening that Clinton had become overheated and dehydrated, but is now “recovering nicely” at home after being advised to rest.

Many observers noted that the temperature hovered around or below 80 and none of the photos or video show Clinton being hydrated with water.

Washington Post reporter Abby Phillip posted on social media that Clinton’s traveling press pool would not be accompanying her retreat to Chappaqua and that is causing a storm of speculation on what she may do next.

With concerns about Clinton’s health now at a fever pitch, social media erupted over what lies ahead in the coming days, with some users suggesting — highly unlikely — she may quit the presidential race.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Just my opinion:

It’s time for Hillary to drop out of the race. She obviously is not in good health. There are too many instances now of her either having mental or physical issues. She can’t take the stress of being President.

It could be Karma stepping in or maybe God to make her go away. If she were a decent human being, it would be different, but she’s been a crook, liar, criminal all her life. Go home Hillary and enjoy your grand-kid before the end comes. We deplorables won’t mind a bit if you stay home and bake cookies.


Comments on: "Hillary’s Next Steps After Collapsing…" (11)

  1. Ha ha, their new excuse is she was going to “Power Through It” — that’s what we are afraid of. LOL (emphasis on Power)

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    • And what got “overheated” was the questions when the video came out. LOL

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      • Bull, LOL! Yeah, just use that “power” to overcome whatever her illness is. She can’t let go of that “power” no matter what and like you and I’ve talked, even if they have to carry her out on a gurney to the Inauguration, they will do it, swear her in.

        She probably got over heated by being around those who are not up to her royalty’s standards, She saw “deplorable” Trump, got over heated, then couldn’t take it thinking of his “deplorable” supporters, some who were on the stage.


      • Bull, I bet it did. I think Hillary’s brain heated up to temps unknown to humans, like a complete raging fire.


  2. “Hillary Clinton has retired to her Chappaqua, New York, home for a couple of days to rest and recover.”

    Her camp sounds like “Chip Diller” from the movie “Animal House”:

    Just another attempt to paint a rosy picture regarding hacking harridan Hillary’s health. She’s going to need more than a “couple of days” to recover from this. I’ve had pneumonia before; it took me over a week to recover from it. In her case, given her age & severity of her condition, it may take several weeks for her to FULLY recover.

    You are TOTALLY spot-on with your opinion Pepper. I deeply suspect that an increasing number of Americans want to see hacking harridan Hillary get on board her broom and fly away into the moonrise as well.

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    • HHS that’s a good one, “Animal House” Hee, hee. Also you could use “Weekend at Bernie’s” it’s coming soon. She already has to be carried around now.

      Oh you really recovered fast from your pneumonia. It took me 6 mos to recover from a severe bout where both of my lungs were filled up. The doc came into the ER and told me this: “The good part is your pneumonia is bacterial so I can treat you. The bad part is I can’t save you”. That was cheery. But I was too sick to even care at that point.

      I had 2 more cases of pneumonia and it took me 3 mos to recover from both of those. My doc throws me in hospital the moment he finds out I’ve got pneumonia.

      LOL! She does need to get on her broomstick and fly over the moon, never to be seen again!

      Signed: Deplorable Peppermint


  3. Hmmm………is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel? We can only hope and pray. 🙂


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