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In the viral clip of Hillary Clinton getting into the black van after the 9/11 service, we find out that she was actually unconscious.

In the zoomed-in video below, you’ll notice that her feet dragged the entire time — there was not one point where she consciously moved her leg from the post she was leaning on to when she got in the vehicle.

She was completely lifeless for those brief seconds, being carried around as dead weight by her aides — definitely not a person you want leading a nation.

Whatever she has, it’s far worse than pneumonia.

Check out this incredible clip:




Comments on: "Here’s What NO ONE Noticed About Hillary’s “Medical Episode”…" (26)

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  2. WOW!! I’ve seen a couple of different angles of hacking Hillary being assisted into her van, but this zoomed-in clip hits it home! You’re probably right though, her condition may be far worse then anyone realizes.

    She’s certainly not fit for duty!

    …And rest assured, the mainstream media will do everything in their power to cover this up. They’ll do ANYTHING to protect Hillary!

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    • HHS, you bet the MSM will do what’s necessary to comer for her. Last night on Hannity I saw clips of MSNBC hosts telling ppl it was sweltering in NYC that day of the memorial. And so humid. Of course everyone who knew it turned cool that day and it was around 74 with very little humidity. I couldn’t believe my ears what these 2 MSNBC women were saying to cover for her “heat” incident.

      Right she’s so unfit in so many ways. For one example, I’m sure most of the military fall into that category of “basket of deplorables”.


  3. She’s gone from being a basket of desperation on Friday to a Basket of Denial on Sunday, 2 days later.. And the explanations aren’t making sense. They never do.

    Could be this is what happens when someone vacates reality completely? Oh, maybe she can say she was practicing some sort of yoga meditation.

    But the irony of it all is look how much help she had on 9/11 when her Benghazi subordinates were basically abandoned, left to fend for themselves while she went to bed. THat day is not particularly endearing to Hillary Rodham.

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  4. Has anyone brought up the possibility of liquid dumb ass in the form of Vodka or Gin?

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  5. Okay I watch this four times and I see the bitch walking to the car . That pole and bars are in the way for me to really see anything else. So am I missing something?

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