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MSNBC is in the bag for Hillary Clinton, that much is already known, but they recently got a schooling from a female, Hispanic marine.

During an interview with MSNBC host Craig Melvin, Marine Sergeant Delilah Bustamante was expected by the liberal network to come out swinging for Hillary Clinton, given that she is a minority and a female.  MSNBC’s misogynistic views came back to bite them, however, as Bustamante is a diehard Trump supporter who was able to quickly disarm every argument that Melvin threw at her.

You can watch her expertly dismantling Melvin below.

Wow, is MSNBC so stupid they don’t screen before they interview? Serves them right! 




Comments on: "MSNBC Trots Out Marine and It BackFires" (17)

  1. Get MSLSD off the air, NOW!

    I’ve seen a ton of YouTube videos such as this; where MSLSD reporters/anchors try to target “minorities” in order to bash Trump. Again, the American people (OF EVERY STRIPE), are calling the liberal media out on this. To be honest, Trump may possibly solidify his support with minorities. At least he’s reaching out!

    You all need to see this clip as well. Tamron Hall’s was stuttering and stammering so much at the sight of an African-American Trump supporter, I thought she’d vapor-lock on the set! MSLSD sure have their share of nitwits!

    Black Trump Supporter Destroys MSNBC Host

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  2. Well now, that didn’t go quite as planned. I’m amazed they aired it at all.

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  3. I tend not even watch that worthless station!

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  4. They always seem to leave out the word “illegal”

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  5. She is NOT ONLY A MARINE & a Hispanic AMERICAN WOMAN, but, She’s BEAUTIFUL & STRONG 2 Boot.

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  6. Did anyone notice that he was walking funny when he left? She gently “tore him a new one.”


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  7. Secretary of DEPORTATION!! I love it.

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