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Democrats will often stop at nothing to get their way. In an election year, we can expect their enthusiasm for taking down Republicans to reach a fever pitch.

Case in point: Democrats in Minnesota are looking to remove Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump from the state’s ballot, claiming that the Republican Party of Minnesota improperly put Trump’s name there to begin with.

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chairman Ken Martin submitted a legal petition to the state’s Supreme Court seeking to remove Trump’s name from the ballot.

Martin claimed that the Minnesota GOP “did not elect to elect alternate presidential electors” at the state’s convention earlier this year. After they failed to provide the names of alternative electors, they decided to appoint “alternate electors” in a closed-door meeting.

That process violated state laws, Martin’s statement read.

Michael Brodkorb, a former deputy Minnesota Republican Party chairman, took issue with Martin’s claim, pointing out on social media that the Minnesota GOP’s rules don’t allow for such a fix, as Martin’s suit insisted.

“Last night #MNGOP ‘appointed’ alternate electors to fix problem — BUT this isn’t allowed in #MNGOP constitution — so we have a mess,” Brodkorb said.

Whether Republicans complied with the law or not, there is no statute to specify any penalty for noncompliance. So, it could very well be a mess.

Martin’s petition followed a brouhaha in August when Trump and his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s name didn’t appear on the state ballot. Republicans worked quickly to resolve the situation.

It remained to be seen whether Democrats in Minnesota will succeed in removing Trump’s name from the ballot in November. It certainly isn’t surprising that they are stooping to this level ensure Trump doesn’t win the White House.


Comments on: "Major State Moves to Remove Trump From Presidential Ballot" (22)

  1. From the heart of Northern Liberalism comes THIS???? Isn’t THAT deplorable??

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  2. This kind of stupidity is beyond words yet they wonder why we are fed up with them. They have shown us who they really are. Frankly, they are worse than we thought.

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  4. Deplorable!

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  5. These thugs known as the Democratic Party needs to be stopped COLD!

    Honestly, I don’t even see how ANYONE can or would even attempt to do that! Minnesota Democrats are so full of it.

    “Claiming that the Republican Party of Minnesota improperly put Trump’s name there to begin with.”


    Hopefully Minnesota’s Supreme Court will throw this initiative out. The measures liberals are taking to ensure that harridan Hillary wins is beyond the pale. I really hope we don’t see a trend here; that other Democrats in other states pull the same shit!

    I never would have imagined that our country would have potential controversial elections likes this. It’s chilling!

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    • HHS, you nailed that, Dem party is full of thugs. I’d like to see their party disappear off the face of the earth. All they do is try ploys like this one.

      Yeah I don’t know how they’re coming up with this stuff.

      I too hope their Supreme court throws this out. They are probably loaded with liberals however and get away with this thuggery.

      Yes, I’ve never ever seen an election turn into what this one has. And you’re right it is chilling, We are all now aware how many ways the Dems/commies are going to cheat in this election from rigged voting machines to this kind of non-sense.

      But they have come so far in their quest to making this country a Marxist one, they will stop at nothing to make sure they win.

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  6. DEPORT Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chairman Ken Martin

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  7. Maybe Trump owes them a thank you – how many undecided have they pissed off enough who know how to use a pencil and spell TRUMP!

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  8. […] Source: Major State Moves to Remove Trump From Presidential Ballot […]


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