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Keynote Speech At Baptist Convention


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton delivered a keynote speech at the National Baptist Convention Thursday night, but photos show that many people failed to show up.


Prior to the speech, workers moved in wall partitions in the giant venue, according to tweets from several reporters who were there.

Even during the speech, however, many of the chairs at the venue were not filled.

According to local 41 Action News reporter Brian Abel, roughly 3,000 attended the speech although there were 5,000 seats set up in the venue.

Abel also published photos of the venue prior to Clinton’s speech.

So she uses the old government handout as a carrot on the stick. I wonder if she talked about abortions and how religious groups have to change the way they look at abortions. I doubt it.


Comments on: "Embarrassing Turnout For Hillary Clinton…" (12)

  1. Take Nothing for Granted = VOTE

    DA DONNY = 2016


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    • aaah, good advice. I think all of Trump’s voters will vote. They know the stakes. They know the election is rigged. They are aware of the voting machines being rigged. Vote on a paper ballot.


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  2. ROFLMAO!!!

    “Embarrassing Turnout For Hillary Clinton…”

    That’s an understatement!! LOL!!!

    Donald Trump venues: PACKED!
    Even Bernie Sanders: Venues PACKED!

    As for harridan Hillary….

    She’s so unpopular, she probably couldn’t pay people to fill up a broom closet for her. It surprises me that she can get anyone to come to her venues at all. She needs to realize, just because she’s married to Bill, she will NEVER be as popular as he was. Harridan Hillary is a lousy campaigner; always was, always will be. She has a very toxic personality. She’s a fake and a phony, stiff, a prevaricator, she has WAY more baggage than Trump will ever have. Plus, the Clintons pay-to-play politics and questionable connections are giving more and more people pause. And above all, THAT CACKLE when she “laughs”! UGH!!

    On a side note, lest she forget that this is also another year of the pissed off voter! She’s another part of the much hated and repulsive establishment. I suspect that people are also seeing her and thinking, “this is not a coronation. What makes HER THINK SHE’S ENTITLED to be the next president”? Granted, some of her low-information supporters believe that by electing harridan Hillary, they will make symbolic history; like the “firsts” in this country, she’d be the first female POTUS, just like the current Idi Amin wannabe is the first black POTUS!

    We aren’t stupid!

    Most rational thinking people aren’t drawn to scumbags like harridan Hillary. People are really hungering for positive change in this country, and don’t want to see or listen to someone that going to be a third term of more of the same. Like myself, people tend to gravitate to others that are perceived as being the genuine article. Hence Trump’s popularity and mass appeal.

    At least at a Trump rally the stagehands don’t have to adjust stage props and partitions to give the lamestream media the EFFECT that there are thousands of people lining up to see Hillary….

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  3. Even slick has a problem with full attendance at his rantings.

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  4. I hope this election aborts Hillary’s chance to be our inglorious misleader.

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