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This Sunday,  15 years after the attacks on 9/ll,  words are not necessary. We are silent in memory of all who were lost that day and all the heroes who died trying to rescue people.







nyc-memorial-museumNYC Memorial Museum

911-pentagonThe Pentagon

pentagon-2The Pentagon

pentagon-3Pentagon Memorial


flight-93-3Flight 93





Comments on: "September 11, 2001 We Will NEVER Forget" (11)

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    So many lives were destroyed, the civilians, the responders, the surviving family members and friends. All of it, most likely, could have been prevented, but politicians accepted money and then turned a blind eye to events that crept inch by inch until the attack unfolded by members of the “religion of peace”.

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    • Rifleman, what really made me angry was how many times Clinton allowed Osama bin laden out of his grasp when he could have gotten him. Then after the attack, as Clinton had destroyed our military, we were left with very little to go to war.

      This is going to happen again since Obama has done the same thing, decapitated our military. Does anyone learn from history? It would appear not. The same mistakes are made over and over

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  2. NEVER 4 GET

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  3. Amen

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  4. Pepp…….what haunted me for a long time was two scenes. One was seeing human beings falling from the towers trying to escape the inferno. The other was pictures of commuter parking lots on the Long Island RR with cars parked there whose owners would never drive them away. When we would come back from Northern Colorado late at night, we would pass a number of commuter lots and occasionally there would be one or two cars still parked there. September 11 all over again. 😦

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    • willibeaux, yes there are so many haunting scenes from that day. I too was haunted by the bodies falling from the buildings. Such horror!

      Oh dear that is sad indeed to see cars in the commuter spot where no one came back to get them.

      My son worked at Accenture at that time and they had people up in the Twin Towers doing business and consulting. They all died.

      You know willibeaux, I cried for 2 weeks straight when I watched nobody being brought out of that rubble. And at night, the scenes were surreal.

      Another thing that haunts me are the brave people who took down Flight 93 to save others. Those are true heroes in my book.


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