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‘We see bull**** with Hillary’s approach to veterans’

Donald Trump’s outreach to the military community may be paying off as his message is resonating with veterans who see him as a more capable commander-in-chief than Hillary Clinton.

In separate interviews with five U.S. military veterans, Independent Journal Review asked why the Republican presidential nominee seems to be solidifying support among the military.

“The reason is because the majority of veterans know what right and wrong is,” Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto said. “We see bullsh** with Hillary’s approach to veterans. Veterans don’t put up with that crap. Hillary is lying to us straight in the face and then she wants to be Commander-in-Chief.”

A former Army Ranger and private security contractor, Paronto was part of the team that defended the American diplomatic outpost from a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. He has been an outspoken opponent of Clinton, accusing her of not being truthful about the events surrounding the attack.

“You know she could have sent troops. Yet, she left us behind. She says she wants to support the military but we see national security isn’t even an issue to her,” Paronto said.

“There is no way in hell we want to support this woman,” he added.  “We sacrifice our lives for this country. Hillary has proven that she doesn’t care about those sacrifices.”

“It’s because he is seen by them as a leader and a fighter. In this instance, this means being unafraid to take on the status quo and rock a few boats,” Skelton told IJR.. “Among service members, our most beloved folk heroes have always been the generals and war fighters who were willing to question things and operate on the ragged edges of acceptable wisdom and consensus of the time. A maverick if you will. Someone willing to speak their mind, fully.”

He added that “Donald Trump, while not perfect, embodies many of these same characteristics and traits. And he was early to the game in making veterans’ issues a priority.”

When Independent Journal Review asked Afghanistan War veteran and Georgia state representative, David Clark, why he thought the military community seems to be more supportive of Trump, his answer was simple.

Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient Drew Norman is sure “that Hillary will literally leave us to die for her own political gain.”

“Anybody that’s been in a life or death situation abroad and has more than two brain cells to rub together knows that Trump might not be the perfect candidate, but we also understand that Trump will send somebody for us in a pinch,” Norman told IJR. “There’s no law more sacred to violate in our community than this: never leave anyone behind, we ALWAYS come for our own.”

Neither nominee seems the perfect choice for Iraq War veteran Justin Youse.

“I don’t think that it is anything in particular that Trump is doing. Neither are very popular,” he said.  “I think that many of the undecided voters are coming out and making a decision based off of the continued stories coming out about Hillary.”

Try this one Mr. Youse:


James Skelton, an Afghanistan War veteran, described Trump as a “maverick” and believes his ability to speak his mind is what makes him a favorable candidate for military members.

“I only need one word, Benghazi,” he said.



Comments on: "Vets Light Up Clinton, And Back Trump" (18)

    TRUMP 2016

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  2. As a veteran, the title of this article ALONE resonates with me!

    A sentence from this article sums it up perfectly:

    “Hillary will literally leave us to die for her own political gain.”

    No truer words spoken! And she would too!

    At least Trump will build up the military, ensuring that our troops have whatever they need to fight our enemies. If Hillary was Commander-in-Chief, just like Obama, she will continue to compromise our military by making it even more weaker than it already is.

    I wouldn’t put Hillary in charge of a lemonade stand, let alone Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military. She’s clearly unfit for duty!

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    • HHS, I didn’t know you were a Vet. Thank you for your service to our country.

      “Hillary will literally leave us to die for her own political gain.”

      No truer words spoken! And she would too!”

      You are so right. She would. She cares nothing for Vets. She can pretend she does but she and Bill have always hated our military like every other democrat.

      LOL! In charge of a lemonade stand. I wouldn’t trust her either. I wouldn’t trust her to walk my dog for fear she’d kill it. She is inhuman, no soul, no heart.

      She proved with Benghazi she is unfit to command anything and certainly not our military.

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    • HHS…….thanks for your excellent post. Thank for your service to our country, one vet to another.
      An ole Korean War vet (age 86)

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  3. Today or maybe yesterday,Super Witch said that at least 47% of Trump supporters were some sort of deviants,homophobes or other kinds of “phobes”. SHE can kiss my red,white and blue,three times HONORABLY Discharged,US Army American ass. NEVER forget Benghazi and that horrible picture of our ambassador on that night.

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    • Good Lord, Bob, she said that????? Well she can kiss every red, white and blue Vet good bye. The things she says are unbelievably insulting.

      No we will NEVER forget Benghazi and how she left those men to die. The went to bed instead of taking that 3am call. She’s plain evil.

      See I told ya we’re all phobes according to these left wing loons They can go fly a kite or jump off a cliff, that’s even better. Also shut up their damn sickening mouths.


    • Bob……Thanks for your service, one vet to another.
      an ole Korean War vet (age 86) USAF ’51-’55

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  4. She a monster

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  5. I’m not done . I can believe that bitch would say those things. She’s that type of a monster. She doesn’t care for anyone but herself in this I agree. If she wins then there will be a revolution, something I wish not to have . I’m not a coward it’s just that I’m not in good health .
    TRUMP MUST WIN!!!!!!

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    • Fireheart. yes she did say those horrible things and she’s going to pay for that too. There may be people out there who were thinking of voting for her but after what she said changed their minds.

      I too believe there may be a bloody revolution if she’s elected by “fraud”. I don’t see any other way she can win.

      I know Sweetie you’re not in good health but there are plenty Vets, militias and others who would fight a war for those of us unable to do so. I’m too old for crawling on the ground, but I can still shoot.,


  6. Thanks but I only shot a gun once and that was not at another person shooting cans is way different from a human.

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  7. and I hope I never do

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