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If you turn on, tune in, browse or otherwise peruse the alternative media you will undoubtedly come across the question, “Will President Obama declare Martial Law?” or one of its many variants: “Can President Obama use martial law to stay in the White House?” “What is Obama’s plan to declare martial law?” “President Obama signs martial law order.” “President Obama will suspend 2016 election and impose martial law.” And of course there has to be an expos√© with international implications, “Obama instigating war to declare Martial Law and stay in power for a THIRD term?”

Now I love a good conspiracy theory as well as the next person however, after reading these and a gazillion other variations on the theme I have come to the conclusion, why should President Obama declare martial law when he is already ruling by decree, refusing to enforce any laws he disagrees with, nationalizing local police forces, signing treaties by-any-other-name without ratification by the Senate, legislating by fiat, and in general acting like any other tin-pot dictator in a banana republic. In other words his actions are already imposing martial law and no one is connecting the dots. This isn’t conspiracy. This is observation.

We are witnessing the culmination of the Progressives’long march from Trust Busting Teddy, through Whites Only Woodrow, Hoover’s unrecognized New Deal seed bed, FDR’s New Deal corporatist take-over which Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, in 1933, spoke of as the way for National Socialism to follow, LBJ’s Great Society safety net hammock vote buying scheme, Nixon’s “We are all Keynesians now” George I’s compassionate conservative read-my-lips betrayal, Clinton’s dot Com bubble panty raid, George II’s “we must abandon free market principles to save the free market,” to Obama’s war upon all that is good.

This has taken more than 100 years. The Progressives have kept their eye on the ball. To them it was always a game of two steps forward then one step back. First they set out to capture education. Then they captured the mainstream media and entertainment. Along the way they picked up the courts and infiltrated the leadership of both big box parties. Today we face a monolith that has brainwashed generations, distorted our culture, and makes even the most ardent supporters of freedom accept the seeming inevitability of their final triumph with the coming victory of Hillary “The Nail in Our Coffin” Clinton.

Given the electoral map, the unified media support, the guaranteed votes of the Kool-Aide drinking generational Democrats who may disagree with everything their leaders say but still vote that way, illegals driving to the polls on motor-voter, felons who can vote for those who let them out and restore their voting privileges, the massive government payroll that now outnumbers manufacturing employees by 9,932,000 who will vote for someone who wants to increase the size of government, those riding the government hammock, and of course all the dead who cast their zombie votes in the Democrat controlled wastelands we used to call alabaster cities gleaming undimmed by human tears.

Look at the vast number of disillusioned Democrats who fell for Bernie’s the burn out is real ersatz eruption, which Rush said all along was just a front to make Hillary look like she had some competition in what we now know for sure was a rigged illusion. Look at the record breaking crowds that the Donald continues to gather in stadiums and arenas while hiding Hillary has a hard time filling a phone booth and it becomes apparent there is a groundswell for something besides the corrupt corporatism system we have today.

If this is thwarted by the rigging in the system, this ship of state may sail off a cliff. The present rule-by-decree tin pot may ride off into the sunset but another would take and ignore the same oath and the regime will go on. They have elections in China too. They have a new president every 5-10 years however the regime goes on.

So why should President Obama declare martial law? He shouldn’t. Why bother. The sheeple may bah-bah about wanting change. They may rally and demand change. However the regime believes if they pat us on our heads and have a mock election that changes nothing we will settle back down and play nice while they import a new population that is used to their authoritarian dreams.

Maybe they’re right and maybe they’re wrong. November is coming fast. What are you going to do? The only way the Donald, our only hope for change, wins is by a landslide. Anything close and the perpetually elected will find enough bags of votes in the basement to win. It must be a landslide. It must be such an overwhelming crushing defeat that the Progressives will not dare to thwart the will of the people or … the regime goes on.

Bull, my good friend, and I have discussed this many times. If Trump can’t win in a landslide we are done. We know that massive fraud is going to be rampant to assure a Hillary victory. Trump can’t win with a 2 to 3% lead in the polls. He can only win if there is a massive number of voters marching to the polls in November to vote for Trump.


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  1. There are some of us out here in the America far from big cities that take that oath to defend the Constitution seriously,very seriously. Bring your damn tyranny to our doors and find out.

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  2. If Trump can’t win in a landslide we are done.

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  3. We are in for more difficult times if Madam Clinton is voted POTUS, probably as bad as or worse than zero’s reign. Pray without ceasing that Trump is God’s man and he will be victorious.

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    • willibeaux, we are in very sad and difficult times when we hear so many are voting for the criminal Hillary. It blows my mind that there are so many with few scruples and a moral compass who would go and vote for this horrible woman anyway.

      Yes I believe she will be as bad as Obama and probably worse. She thinks O didn’t use enough EOs which mean she’s going to do it more. The Dictatorship would live on.


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  5. I hope he wins by a land side .Everyone I ask are not voting they don’t like either one , and yes before anyone ask I ask them to vote for Trump because he was the better choice, rather they will is now up to them John my friend is voting for Trump. I don’t want that creep of a president declaring martial law God help us if he does

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    • Fireheart, I hope so too. He needs the landslide to win. You are a good Patriot asking others to vote for Trump. Yes, that is very true, it is up to the ones you talked to now to vote Trump. I sure hope they do. I do the same thing all over town. I strike up a convo with people about the election and urge people to vote Trump.

      I don’t want that creep declaring martial law either. Right now we need God’s help more than ever to save this country.


  6. I’ve seen & heard many of the conspiracy theories on the possibility of the current despotic tin-pot dictator will suspend elections (especially if Donald Trump wins), declare Martial Law and stay in power for a 3rd term (or even stay in office PERMANENTLY)!

    If it came to that, honestly Pepper, I suspect we’d see the mother of all violent and bloody revolutions in this country if Obama decided to use executive powers to overturn the 22nd Amendment. Most of us won’t have it.

    I agree with the author of this article, as well as you & your followers; Donald Trump must win the MOTHER of all LANDSLIDES! He must win with a complete BLOWOUT! I’m hoping that we will see record turnout during this election cycle, with people voting for Trump. Hillary must be stopped COLD!

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    • HHS, you are so right. If the resident in the WH did what you said, there sure as hell would be a bloody revolution. That would be the last straw to break the people’s backs and I don’t think either that we’d put up with that. It would be so bad but the people like you and my readers and many others would be so outraged.

      You are right, it’s got to be one of the biggest landslides since Ronald Reagan for Trump to win. The Dems/Commies already have things rigged for massive fraud.

      I think we will see a record turnout by Republicans and conservatives. I just hope it’s enough to keep that heartless, soulless woman out of the Oval Office.


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