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According to a tweet by CBS News political reporter Hannah Chanpong, who is traveling with the Clinton campaign, tweeted yesterday afternoon that a “source inside the Clint. camp” reported that Hillary’s staff is resigning amid worries that she is dropping out of the race due to the added pressure of yesterday’s FBI release of more damning evidence in the private email/insecure server/classified information/Clinton Foundation train wreck that the Wicked Witch of Benghazi is now wearing like a cinderblock necklace.

CBSNews-ClintonStaffRESIGNING-MayDropOutIt is clear that Hillary is sick and tired of campaigning. Literally, she is “sick” and no doubt “tired,” taking four days off a week to recuperate from her grueling campaign appearances before 200 people per appearance in high school gyms where she shrieks for ten minutes, then gets toted away without speaking to the press.

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I really doubt the Hillary Monster will drop out. She’s too arrogant, knows she can get away with being lawless, and no one is going to do anything about it. After all she is the crowned Queen.



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  1. willibeaux said:

    Yo Pepp…….hope springs eternal if this turns out to be true. Slick will have a hissy fit. His dreams of roaming the West Wing searching for young female interns to hit on will go up in (cigar) smoke.
    Happy days will be here again. 🙂


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    • willibeaux yes we all have that hope, but I really doubt this Witch of Benghazi will drop out. It would be great if she did.

      Ha, ha, slick Willie’s search of interns going up in cigar smoke! That’s a good one.



  2. Won’t (can’t) happen. What’s at stake is not the hundreds of millions of dollars the Clintonian takeover of the federal government promises (on top of the already amassed hundreds of millions).
    The real threat in all of this is the trillions of dollars at stake by the Soros’ of the NWO, throughout the Euroweenie nations and the rest of the globe.
    They will not allow this to come undone at this stag, they’re desperate.

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    • I agree Gar. it’s all about the money as usual with the Clintons Cartel. And yes they are desperate. We can tell by the MSM that it’s desperate times for them all.


  3. Her days of lawlessness are coming to an end

    What could be more demeaning to her then being denied what she feels she is owed?

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    • Being sent to a federal prison and having to wear cotton underwear?

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    • hocuspocus, I’d love to see her lawlessness end in a most humiliating way. I like Gar’s suggestion of having to wear cotton underwear. Also be nice to see her in those striped suits. I hope if she ever does get arrested we get a perp walk too.l


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  5. Hello Pepper, this sure is a nice thought, but the only way she will drop our, if she drops dead. As Gar said above, her greed for money, not to mention her ego for control, will never allow this to happen. Even some Repubs are supporting her for the money train. I suspect that is why Sanders is still sticking around, in the event something does happen to her. I don’t agree with Sander’s politics, but I do feel at least he is straight forward by not playing to what the individual audiences want to here and is head and shoulders over Hillbuster when it comes to honesty.

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    • Hi Walt, I think you’re right, it would take her being dead to drop out. Although she could be carted around as alive like Bernie’s weekend. I hope the embalming is good if that happens.

      Oh I know, some greedy repukes are supporting her and like you said they don’t want to lose their gravy train. It’s disgusting and we know who these people are too.

      Interesting about Sanders hanging around. I wonder if we’ll see the vultures soon as they fly over her body., Even better, swooping down and picking at it until it’s gone.


  6. High Horse Strong said:

    “Is Hillary Going to Drop Out of Race?”

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  7. Never going to happen. She is too well insulated by a perverse system that will shield her no matter what she does.

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    • Bob, I don’t think it will happen either. She won’t drop out even if she’s too sick to run. You are right, she has the crooked system to shield here even if she’s too disabled to keep running.


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