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There’s been a lot of talk about liberal bias in the media — but it looks like the bias doesn’t end there.

Some of the largest tech companies in the world seem to be conspiring to make sure news from conservative sources never reaches your inbox.

Every day, increasingly more Americans are turning to the Internet as their primary source of news. Email news services in particular have grown rapidly in popularity.

But getting those emails delivered, especially for conservative news sources, is no small task.

For months, conservative readers have been complaining that top email service providers regularly send news from right-leaning sources to junk mail — or don’t deliver the emails at all.

The complaint has come up so often, our staff started asking: Are news services like The Horn News being silenced?

To test the idea, we ran a small experiment — and what we uncovered was shocking.

There appears to be a clear, unapologetic liberal bias among the top U.S. email providers. And it’s not just us. They’re aggressively filtering and burying conservative news across the board.

It’s a dangerous trend. According to a 2014 Gallup poll, over 70% of adults in the United States use email on a daily basis to communicate, and that number is climbing.

It appears that their email providers are aggressively favoring one side of the political aisle.

Our experiment was small, but the results seem definitive. The Horn News editorial team signed up five new email accounts at the largest free email providers – Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook and Mail.com. Then, we signed those email accounts up to receive 10 newsletters each, five liberal and five conservative.

These five biggest email providers were a whopping three times more likely to hide or filter conservative publications. And that is disgustingly unacceptable.

In a mere two weeks’ time, conservative emails were incorrectly labeled as Spam emails and improperly sent to the “Junk mail” folder over 57 times. Liberal emails were only flagged 19 times.

Four of the providers – AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and Mail.com – exclusively ‘junked’ conservative news sites.

Outlook appears to be the most aggressive spam filterer, but they too favored liberal messages over conservative voices. Outlook junked conservative news at just over a 2-to-1 rate.

Gmail appears guilty on two levels – it not only exclusively (and wrongly) labeled conservative news as junk, those emails it DID let through were also more aggressively filtered into a secondary folder labeling them as promotional, rather than personal — meaning they will be viewed far less frequently by users.

This isn’t the first time the tech industry has been criticized for favoring liberal messages over conservative news.

The Horn News previously noted that Google has been linked to close ties and donations to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

On August 30th, Breitbart accused the search engine giant of suppressing the recent health concerns surrounding the 68-year-old Democratic candidate.

And in May, Gizmodo reported that Facebook had “routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers.”

The bias could effectively suppressing conservative voices from reaching the ears of millions of Americans — and it could be fatal for the conservative movement. Without a counter-balance to the liberal narrative, millions of Americans are being unknowingly — and unwillingly — bombarded by one-sided propaganda.

Want to fight for your inbox? Click here to see how.

outlook-spam-002A screenshot of one email’s junk folder. Conservative sites are removed from inboxes at a 3-to-1 rate.

We can see how far the censorship has come. We have email providers censoring Conservative sites. We have Twitter and Facebook suspending Conservatives who speak their mind about Hillary Clinton and Muslims. I have a friend on Twitter who has been kicked off 3 times now for Muslim posts.

Hillary Clinton tweets suddenly disappear at Twitter. All you are told is the tweet does not exist. I’ve had this happen to me tweeting about Hillary Clinton several times. 

Our 1rst Amendment rights are being taken from us by people and organizations that have no right to do this.



Comments on: "Email Providers Suppress Conservative News" (11)

  1. Hello Pepper, if you want unbiased news, I suggest folks look at Israel news reporting what is going on in the US

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  2. High Horse Strong said:

    Although I use Gmail, I have to say that so far, I’ve been able to get my conservative news on a regular basis. Very rarely does it go to spam/junk folder (so far).

    As you pointed out Pepper, it’s very chilling to witness the lengths liberal will go to suppress opposing viewpoints. It’s downright Orwellian. I have been called out on the fact that I don’t listen to differing perspectives on many issues; that I lean too much to the right. At which point, I tend to state that I have listened/read liberal viewpoints and feel that their opinions are a waste of my time. Liberals lie too much, and I don’t appreciate it when they want to ram their garbage down my throat (be it televised, print, radio, electronic).

    As an American that happens to be a right-wing conservative. I should have the right to choose what type of information I want to consume, instead of the loony left suggesting what I should consume!

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  3. HHS, I’m glad to hear that you are not having any problems with your gmail. I don’t use any of the ones in the article. So I get everything I want.

    It’s scary to think that freedom of speech and thought are being crushed in this country.

    Like you, I don’t have any interest in liberal viewpoints. I’m not on that wave length. Yes it’s always a bunch of lies.

    I don’t like them ramming stuff down my throat either. I can hardly find a news channel that isn’t bent to the left. So I stopped watching the news for the most part. I am watching Fox Business channel which seems to be a pretty fair channel compared to Fox News. I’m sick of them and their constant Trump bashing.


  4. Yep, ah huh. Business as usual.

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    • Bull, right. What’s new and surprising here. Our access to conservative news is going up in smoke on Oct.1rst when Obama turns us our Internet over to the UN


      • They will never give up trying to silence us. I guess it is the only thing in their way to mach speed. Funny when you combine that with Clintons being able to shut down films and whatever exposes them, they have a real network of operators….. ready willing and able to do their dirty deeds.

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        • Bull, and how bad is that! I think in the very near future we are going to be shut down with that treaty of O’s.

          Right the Clintons must be the most powerful crime family in modern history. And so many paid hatchet men and women!


  5. I check my junk mail and saw a few with Trump but they were begging for money

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