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Next big bombshell coming down the pike at America:  At midnight September 30, Obama will cut off the access of millions to the Internet by abdicating Internet stewardship over to the control of the United Nations.

In other words, Obama will turn the Internet over to the only world body that is more corrupt than Obama and the Clinton Foundation, and the one with octopus arms already choking the life out of Western society.

Lamenting that Obama had promised the UN would “never” take control of the Internet is wasting time now that he’s shutting the door on the average person having access to the World Wide Net.

While many have been waiting for Obama to impose martial law in order to cancel Election 2016, he’s effectively shutting out the Peanut Gallery instead.

Adding to our problems will there be a complete Internet blackout one month before elections?

Let’s consider the prospect of an Internet blackout some five weeks before election:

Make like the proverbial busy beaver during the month of September by backing up and recording all contacts and information that you get through the Internet.

Ignore all ‘news’ sent out by the Hillary Clinton campaign, including stories about Huma hubby Anthony Weiner returning to the Internet five years later in yet another sexting scandal.

The jury was in on Anthony Weiner’s genitals gone viral last time out.

Anthony Weiner’s junk is Hillary Clinton’s latest distraction; a wind-up novelty ‘toy’ to be taken off the shelf and sent viral over the Internet every time Clinton needs a timely distraction.

Keep this in mind all during the month of October as the news that never changes and the news that matters most: “The Butcher of Benghazi is headed back to the White House.”

Remember that Word of Mouth is still the world’s best form of disseminating information.

Think of all the smears against Donald Trump you will miss during October’s Internet blackout.

Stay focused, determined and resolute until you get out to vote Donald Trump.

Trump may be the only one who can give the masses back their access to the Internet.

I think Judy’s advice is good. If conservatives are shut down, we need to not listen to the government propaganda. Never mind about what we are told about Hillary. And the constant assault on Trump. Just get out and vote in November for Trump no matter what. It’s the only way to stop this abomination of being blacked out on the Internet as I’m sure Trump will get rid of this Internet government control and the globalists.


Comments on: "Losing the Internet One Month Before Election" (10)

  1. Is this for real PM ?,

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  2. I think it’s more BS to keep people agitated and unless proof positive is available then I would NOT publish any more of this.

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    TRUMP 2016

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  4. Fireheart said:

    A vote for Trump is a vote for freedom. Down with Dictarship

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  5. So, is this going to be an executive decision from the President?

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    • verbal, yes, he’s calling it an “executive agreement”. Whoever heard of that one? He and his lawyers and minions make this stuff up out of thin air. It is NOT Constitutional.

      Thanks for commenting verbal! Glad you did and don’t be shy, keep commenting!


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