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Obama’s been accused of many things, but he just hit a new low that is directly hurting our kids

President Barack Obama is taking his personal battle for transgender rights to a new low — and it goes far beyond mere restroom assignments.

This one could physically and mentally harm children for the rest of their lives.

The Department of Health and Human Services has now issued a rule ordering physicians to perform gender reassignment surgery on children — if it’s recommended by a mental health professional.

The surgery is generally irreversible performed once it’s performed, yet adolescents who self-identify as transgenders often change their minds at adulthood, the New York Post reported.

And if the surgeon declines, citing the oft-repeated maxim, “First do no harm”? He could lose his license to practice medicine — even if the procedure goes against his deeply-held religious beliefs.

Hypocritically, the rule orders employers and private insurers to cover the costs of the procedure, even though federal health insurers — Medicare and Medicaid — won’t.

“The Regulation not only forces healthcare professionals to violate their medical judgment, it also forces them to violate their deeply held religious beliefs,” the lawsuit’s complaint states.

Another Obama administration mandate — requiring all public schools to allow students who consider themselves transgender to use the locker and restroom facilities of their choice — hit a roadblock.

Last Sunday, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor threw out the mandate, stating that the administration failed to follow federal rule-making procedures.

As for the Becket Fund, it’s attorneys have enjoyed a huge success in the appeals and in their lawsuits against the Obama administration.

It’s never lost a single case in the Supreme Court, and it’s four for four against the administration, the Post reported.

Let’s hope their record holds.

Obama hits the bottom when he mandates young children have transgender changes when the child is in the stage of questioning their sexuality. This is common and by no means does it mean that child knows if he/she needs this operation to be done.

The parents need to take a front and center role in this. They need to say no to a child who is just mixed up and not mature. The parents need to take a stand with whoever these unethical mental health people are. I don’t know of one mental health provider who would approve of such a thing.

Only time will tell if a child really wants this operation when they are old enough to understand the ramifications. Like in their adult stage for crying out loud. 


Comments on: "Obama is Now Hurting Kids In a New Way" (10)

  1. Obama needs to stay out of the “medical” business. A change like this should only be done on an adult..

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  2. This has to be the craziest Prez in our history.

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  3. willibeaux said:

    I would have to use barrack’s language to describe what my feelings are for this latest outrage. Are there no bounds on this @zzzewhole’s bag of evil deeds?

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    • willibeaux, you can use barrack’s language if you want on this blog. It’s almost called for with what O has done. There is no limit to how far he goes into the black hole


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