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…What Happens Next Proves Trump MUST Be Elected


It was just another Sunday in the parking lot of the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Long Island — until everything went south.

A 76-year-old veteran, who was leaving the VA medical center, committed suicide right in his car.

Peter A. Kaisen, of Islip, was pronounced dead after he shot himself outside Building 92, the nursing home at the medical center.

Why Mr. Kaisen decided to end his life was not immediately known, but two people connected to the hospital said that he had been frustrated that he was unable to see an emergency-room physician for reasons related to his mental health. “He went to the E.R. and was denied service,” one of the people, who currently works at the hospital, said. “And then he went to his car and shot himself.”

The hospital is part of the Veterans Affairs medical system, the nation’s largest integrated health care organization, which has been under scrutiny since 2014, when the department confirmed that numerous patients had died awaiting treatment at a V.A. hospital in Phoenix. Officials there had tried to cover up long waiting times for 1,700 veterans seeking medical care.

“Someone dropped the ball,” the worker said. “They should not have turned him away.”

Donald Trump has been adamant about fixing the VA, even saying that he’ll fix the problems himself: “I will instruct my staff that if a valid complaint is not addressed, that the issue be brought directly to me,” Trump said. “And I will pick up the phone and fix it myself if I have to.”

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“Why Mr. Kaisen decided to end his life was not immediately known….”

Huh? Mr. Kaisen was in a suicidal state for bloody sake. He needed immediate care which the VA did not give him. Turning him away in my opinion was tantamount to murder by the VA and whoever did it.

We’ve heard all the talk by Obama that the VA would be fixed. He was lying as usual. Nothing has changed.

This story was so heartbreaking it made me cry thinking of all the other Vets out there who need attention but are not getting it from the VA. This needs to change.

Trump/Pence 2016


Comments on: "Elderly Vet Spotted In Parking Lot…" (12)

  1. As a Vet, my Heart is sad, America needs to find a President, who not only commits his people to war, but embraces them back into the community after they have fulfilled their Patriotic Duty

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    • Ian, as a Vet I’m sure it did make you sad. It made me feel very sad too. This is no way to treat our Vets in this country, supposedly the wealthiest. Instead we can throw billions of money to other countries and for really dumb things, but never seem to have the money for our Vets. It’s a disgrace to say the least.

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  2. As an adm. on a suicide prevention group for military and veterans, I hear of this happening often…our veterans suffering with PTSD and other issues, are not given appointments when they need them…sometimes waiting 6 months or longer for a psychiatric appointment..cancelled appointments, being put on several psychotic drugs that are quite dangerous. Before leaving the military (especially those who have been in combat) need to be reprogrammed back to civilian life. It is heart breaking the number of military/veteran suicides.

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    • Donna, I know you more than many know the issues of our Vets and suicide. I commend you for your work.

      It is absolutely disgraceful that our Vets must wait so long for their care. By the time they get an app’t they could be dead and many are.


  3. Fireheart said:

    This was horrible and my heart goes out to his family

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  4. willibeaux said:

    Very tragic story. As a brother-in-arms, I feel the pain that his family is feeling right now. Requiescat in pace Mr. Kaisen.

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  5. Somehow I think turning him away fixed their problem, not his. They have blood on their hands. He tried coming there and still. He didn’t have to go there.

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    • Bull, exactly. The VA solved their problem. He’s no longer around wanting care and God only knows the VA doesn’t want to be bothered with helping anyone. I agree they have blood on their hands.

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  6. Sent in harm’s way by our CinC and then totally abandoned while retired CinC’s live like royalty on the dole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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