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Comments on: "Possible Attack On Assange’s Life Just days After His Lawyer Died" (12)

  1. Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog and commented:
    Why the attempt on Assange’s life? If anyone thinks Wikileaks is wrong with its information, the one should disprove it and not attempt to kill the purveyor of the information. After all, dead men don’t talk.

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    • depatridge, thanks for the reblog.

      Why the attempt on his life? Because he knows too much and the Clinton way of handling any attempt to bring to light the Clinton scandals and other nefarious information about them, the person dies.

      Hopefully Assange has employees who have the information too in case he is murdered. Many bodies have fallen around the Clintons. It’s their way.

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      • It is so crude and sad. I wonder if America has experienced such scenario in recent decades? And to think it is the interest of a woman that is behind all this!

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        • depatridge, yes America has over the last 30 years by guess who? The Clintons. Their nefarious activities go back way long ago and during those times, more people dropped dead than you can count. I think the count is up to about 51 now. These people all have “accidents” like being shot in the back and it’s called a suicide. That’s how bad it’s been.

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          • Sad and scary. What would they said to upcoming democracies or dictatorships where such starts happening? Bad example for the world isn’t it, especially as the world coagulates to a global village? Thanks for your contributions that have improved my perspectives.

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          • depatridge, our Constitution was written to safeguard against a tyrannical government. We used to be the only country who was the beacon of freedom for all.

            Now it seems some people are willing to throw off the mantle of freedom to go to socialism which leads to communism. I think there are many people who did not get proper history lessons. If they did they would not want what Hillary and Obama have given us. We are living in an actual dictatorship with Obama and it will get worse under Hillary.

            I’m an older person, taught history and also about the evils of communism. i shudder at what lies ahead of us. It is not the same country I grew up in.

            Thank you and I’m glad I’ve helped you with what I write. The only way to change what is happening is to get people plenty of information whereby they can make better choices and sometimes that is left up to the older generation.



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    • aaah, thanks and I’m a Dudette. 🙂


      • willibeaux said:

        Hi Dudette……That’s very clever. We have to pray that Julian has his back covered. The Arkansas Mafia has long tentacles almost as long as their Sicilian masters.
        The @zzzwholes in the MSM are not interested in protecting Julian. Such a pity. Their judgement is coming.

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        • willibeaux, I agree. I think Assange is in great danger. He’s poked at the Clinton Crime Family and that usually means death. You bet they have long tentacles going out all over the world.

          No of course not, the MSM wants him dead as much as she does.


  3. That’s the point. Dead men don’t talk and one doesn’t have to disprove what they didn’t live to talk about. 🙂

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