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From The Babylon Bee. OAK BLUFFS, MA—Carrying a 47-over-par performance to the 18th tee at Farm Neck Golf Club during his vacation on the island of Martha’s Vineyard Thursday, President Obama told golfing buddy Larry David that he was determined to “get one back,” sources reported. After utilizing his 10th and final mulligan on an errant […]

“This one’s for all the poor folks down in the great state of Louisiana,” Obama reportedly said to David, before addressing the ball. The lefty then flawlessly executed his trademark outside-to-inside, wrist-heavy putting stroke, sending his customized Titleist skipping smoothly—right into the center of the cup.

After a nanosecond of solemn silence to honor the worst domestic natural disaster in four years, the President celebrated his birdie by dropping his putter and thrusting both fists into the air, whooping loudly, as nearby Secret Service agents applauded.

Waving to everyone who had witnessed the magical moment, Obama called out loudly, “That was for Louisiana!”

“Ask Larry—I even said it before I putted!” he added.

via Vacationing President Obama Dedicates 18th-Hole Birdie to Louisiana Flood Victims —

Please read entire article at the link above.

Just when you think Obama can’t get anymore disgusting, he does it again. I cannot imagine what the people in Louisiana must think over this one. Or for that matter the entire country. 

Look at the contrast between Trump bringing in supplies for the victims of this huge flood to that of Obama. Who has the heart of America? Trump!


Comments on: "Vacationing President Obama Dedicates 18th-Hole Birdie to Louisiana Flood Victims —" (22)

  1. “That was for Louisiana!”
    Doesn’t get more PATHETIC.

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  2. Is it possible he doesn’t know how he sounds. Does the iconic phrase, “Let them eat cake” mean anything to him?

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    • Well he is tone deaf and doesn’t seem to care about the optics of what he does. I think he doesn’t care Jacqui. I think “let them eat cake” is his attitude actually. He and his Antoinette.


  3. willibeaux said:

    Another horse’s @zzze performance by the horse’s@zzze-in-chief. January 20, 2017 can’t come soon enough.


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  4. He’s an insensitive lout who only does anything if he believes it will improve his own image.

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  5. High Horse Strong said:

    What a classless piece of shit!

    Just when my intense hated for this thug seems to hit it zenith, reading this has pushed that hatred over the edge!

    I CAN’T WAIT to these this classless SCUM leave OUR HOUSE! I’m so fed-up with them!

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    • HHS agree! He and his wife are both POS.

      I know, I feel the same way. I think he can’t do or say another thing to make him look worse then he does.

      I’m fed up too and his trash should never have entered OUR House to begin with. Fraud is what got him.


  6. Nothing surprises me anymore about him – just makes me want to puke.

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  7. Fireheart said:

    What’s for Louisiana? A hole in one ? How does that help?

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    • Fireheart notihng. He doesn’t care, Now since Trump went down and brought in supplies with his own money only does Obama decide to got there, tomorrow I think. Maybe he’ll talk about gun control. Moron!


  8. Fireheart said:

    Oh you know it .He doesn’t give a rat’s ass for this country

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  9. The best part of Obama is still lying in the rough on the third hole.

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