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This is rampant in Britain. Upwards of a million British girls were victimized. Hundreds of thousands of British girls, kuffar, are still being raped, trafficked, tortured by Muslim gangs. It’s Islamic culture, and to stop them would be islamophobic.

The underlying belief is the same: non-Muslim women exist for the pleasure of Muslim men. It’s in the Quran: Muslims can take “captives of the right hand” and use them for sex (4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). And what is Europe doing? Importing more and more Muslim migrants.

Children as young as seven have been sexually assaulted in official European refugee camps, the Observer has been told. The claims come as testimony emerges suggesting that some camps are so unsafe that youngsters are too terrified to leave their tents at night. Charities and human rights groups allege that children stranded in supposedly safe camps in Greece that were built to deal with Europe’s migration crisis – many of whom are likely to be eligible to claim asylum in the UK – have been sexually abused.


In one government-run camp, in a former Softex toilet roll factory on the outskirts of Thessaloniki, aid organizations claim that the level of risk of sexual attack is so acute that women are too afraid to visit the camp toilets alone at night.

Yvette Cooper MP, chairwoman of Labour’s refugee task-force, said the revelations “should shame us all” and called for immediate action to protect vulnerable children.

A series of government camps were built near Thessaloniki after the informal one at Idomeni, near the Macedonian border, was closed in May. Weeks earlier, the European commission had unveiled an extra £71m of humanitarian funding for emergency projects to help the 57,000 refugees stranded in official government camps throughout Greece.

One volunteer serving at the Softex camp, which holds 1,400 mostly Syrian refugees, alleged that some young girls had been effectively groomed by male gangs. He said an Iraqi family had to be moved to emergency accommodation outside the camp after their daughter was attacked.

“The parents are still in disbelief over what happened. A man from one of the ‘mafia’ groups asked their seven-year-old daughter into their tent to play games on his phone and then zipped up the tent. She came back with marks on her arms and neck. Later the girl described how she was sexually abused. It has scarred a seven-year-old child for life,” said the volunteer, who asked to remain anonymous.

I read so much about these attacks on young woman and children all over Europe. This is an outrage to me that this is allowed to happen.

We have already had one notorious case in Twin Falls, Idaho. It was handled so badly that the family of the little girl was blamed. And this is not the only case.

What really scares me about all of this is the fact that if Hillary Clinton is elected, she vows to bring in 500% more of these refugees into our country.

Are we going to see the very same thing happen here where children will be afraid to even walk the street to go to school? Or walk to a friend’s house? Will they have to be in fear of Muslim men out and about grabbing and raping them?

I have fears for our children and grandchildren.

This must NOT happen here.

A vote for Hillary may mean a vote for rapes of little girls.We all know how Hillary handled a rape case of a 12 yr old years ago who has been speaking out about how Hillary got the rapist off, knowing he was guilty. She also laughed about it.

Would she really have any compassion for little girls being raped by Muslims. I doubt it. She has no heart and no soul.





Comments on: "Sexual assaults on children as young as SEVEN by Muslim migrants at Greek refugee camps" (6)

  1. But we keep letting them in the country….

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  2. IF some freak of nature were 2 ‘attempt’ to molest any family member, they would not B long for this earth.
    They would immediately B headed 2 a distant planet = NOT EARTH
    OUR DONNY 2016

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    • aaah, I hear ya. I’m afraid I’d do the exact same thing. I would be so livid I wouldn’t be able to control myself from inflicting great damage.


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