Wicked Commentary

I have to take one exception to Dr. Drew’s opinion about taking Coumadin.

Yes it is an old drug but still used by many people all over this country. The reason for that is the newer drugs Xarelto and Equis are more dangerous from the standpoint that if the person on those drugs bleed out, there is nothing that can be done.

Coumadin is extremely inexpensive. Many patients cannot afford the newer drugs.

I, myself have to take Coumadin for an inherited mutant gene called Factor V Leiden. Factor V causes those who have it to develop blood clots, or deep vein thrombosis. I have to take it for the rest of my life due to this mutant gene.

I developed two massive deep vein thromboses (DVTs) in one arm and the next one was in my thigh. Thankfully, my hematologist sent me to the hospital to have a large amount of tests done whereby the Factor V was discovered.

Both my mother and her mother died from blood clots. Most likely they had the mutant gene but did not know they had it.

My doctors offered me the opportunity to change over to one of the new drugs. But after I researched these drugs, I found out if you bleed out with too much of the new drugs, there is no way to stop it. Then your organs which have been effected are damaged for life.

This is not so with Coumadin where there is a stop-gap to prevent the bleeding out.

With Coumadin you must have what is called a pro-time test done at intervals depending if you have a stable INR (Abbreviation for international normalized ratio.) or not. The stable and good measure is 2.0 to 3.0 done with a test when you see your doctor. This may require frequent visits for the test which is easy and painless.

With the new drugs no test is done to see what your INR level is. So how do you know if you are at the proper range?

Dr. Drew’s opinion is one of many of the doctors out in the Internet world guessing what is really wrong with Hillary. I do agree with him about the poor doctor care she is receiving which is startling with all of their money. They could easily see a renowned doctor instead of the seemingly poor doctor she has now.

One who commented had this to say:

She has that brain disorder that way too many Americans have these days which is Liberalism, which is similar to Marxism, Progessivism, and Statism! Oh what the hell might as well throw in Communism. It has to be culled from our society. Staring with the school system.


Comments on: "Dr. Drew “Gravely Concerned” About Hillary Clinton’s Health" (2)

  1. Firstly and most importantly, I am sorry you have to deal with your malady Pepp, but very glad you are getting good care and it is being managed successfully !

    Secondly, I am ‘Gravely concerned’ about Killery’s healthcare also.
    I’m concerned she may get adequate care and survive.
    Forgive Me Oh Lord.

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    • Terry, thank you, but yes I am getting good care with my blood issue. And yes it’s being managed well. I have good ole country doctors here who really care about you.

      Yes I too am gravely concerned that she might live. Please dear God, forgive me too.


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