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Good old CNN always lying and protecting Hillary Clinton is suffering bad ratings for their nefarious deeds. It couldn’t happen to a better cable news show.

From BizPac

CNN, which bills itself “the most trusted name in news,” has been engaging on a campaign favoring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and dismissing her Republican rival for the White House, Donald Trump.

Perhaps that wasn’t the wisest move for the cable news giant to take. Although in the past year CNN has managed to occasionally score higher ratings than its top rival in the market — Fox News Channel — a recent score indicated that it had problems competing against even MSNBC.


On Tuesday, CNN grabbed a daylong viewership of 187,000 to FNC’s 255,000 in the all important 25-54 age demographic, according to TV Newser. What’s worse, MSNBC matched CNN’s 187,000 viewers. A paltry 97,000 viewers tuned in to CNN Headline News for the day.

The prime-time numbers are even worse in 25-54 age bracket.

Fox News took 385,000 viewers to CNN’s 232,000, and even MSNBC clobbered CNN with a viewership of 305,000. CNN’s Headline News grabbed a 116,000.

FNC managed to attract 1,433,000 viewers tuning in for the day in all age groups, almost doubling CNN’s 764,000. In prime time, FNC more than doubled CNN’s viewers — 2,035,000 to 807,000.

One person replied, “CNN appears to be operating out of the Loony Bin down in a NYC sewer!”




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  2. So right, except I wouldn’t call it “campaign favoring”… it is outright campaigning. Nonstop. They do everything but hold fundraisers for her. My message to CNN: reality called and its begging you ro come back for a visit.

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