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Obama’s Violent Words

That dark, biased, left-wing, commie media would have you believe that all Donald Trump does is incite violence. Never mind liberals do it all the time.

Just the other day Bob Beckel on CNN said of Julian Assange, “just shoot the SOB”.  Violent?  Inciting?

Here is a video of just “some” of Obama’s violent comments.

Dare we mention the riots by blacks in Ferguson, looting, burning cop cars, throwing things at cops. How about Baltimore where they did the very same thing? These people are all leftists coördinated by Communist groups.

How about all the cop killings by blacks?   Or black on black crime which the media completely ignores?

Then there were members of the New Black Panthers in front of a polling place in Philly where they were yelling they would kill all crackers and their babies. They were never prosecuted for this by the wonderful UnJustice Department.

Oh and let’s not forget about the Clinton Crime family where people who may leak or say something about them that reveals their crimes, end up dead. So many bodies for so long going way back. Oops! I forgot that’s a right-wing conspiracy.

I guess Bush is safe now from being blamed for everything. The left has a new whipping boy in town to blame, Trump.








Comments on: "Obama’s Violent Words" (4)

  1. Bob Beckel on CNN = WRONG / FOX
    Bob Beckel = SOB

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  2. I thought Beckel was too interested in Kimberly Guilfoyle to have an opinion on anything.
    If this fellow,Assange is a detriment to HillBillary then GOOD on him.

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    • Bob, LOL! Yeah when he was on Fox I think Kimberly was his main prey. And I agree is Assange has the possibility to bring down the witch I say good for him.


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