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The media is rigging the presidential race polls so bad that some of us may be discouraged. Hold on to hope. Here is some information that belies their polls.

There’s no doubt about it — the liberal media’s polls are rigged from the bottom up. How do we know this?

 Simple — social media. Trump’s following on the major social media networks absolutely blow Clinton out of the water.

Allow me to prove it:


Trump: 10,174,358 Likes
Clinton: 5,385,959 Likes

Trump nearly doubles the amount of Likes than Clinton Now — some people follow Trump who don’t like him, so let’s look at some posts. Here’s the stats for his latest Facebook live stream:

Trump Live Stream Post — 21 hours ago: 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views
Clinton Live Stream Post — 25 hours ago: 11,000 likes, 0 shares, 321,000 views

Since Clinton has zero shares, here’s the next best original post I could find from Clinton, albeit it’s not a live stream post:

Clinton post — 30 hours ago: 22,000 Likes, 7241 Shares, 773,000 views

Any way you slice it, Trump is crushing Clinton on Facebook interaction. One quick note regarding Facebook — you’ll find that on almost half of Clinton FB posts, the top comments are from Trump supporters, whereas the the top comments on Trump’s page are hardcore supporters only.


Trump: 10.6 million followers
Hillary: 8.1 million followers

Trump has 30% more Twitter followers — and they translate into real votes. A recent study confirmed that 70% of his followers are real supporters, and 90% of those real followers have a voting history.

Hillary’s “twitter army” is likely made up of dead voters and illegals.

Youtube Live Stream

Trump: Averages 30,000 live viewers per stream
Clinton: Averages 500 live viewers per stream

Trump has 5900% more live viewers than Clinton.


Trump: 2.2 million followers
Clinton: 1.8 million followers

Trump has 22% more Instagram followers — which is impressive considering it’s a liberal cesspool consisting of college hipsters who can’t seem to take enough selfies.


Trump: 197,696 subscribers
Hillary: 24,429 subscribers
Hillary for Prison: 55,228 subscribers

Hillary for Prison’s Reddit feed has more than double subscribers of Hillary’s reddit page, equating to Trump having 700% more Reddit subscribers.

Don’t listen to the lying media — the only legitimate attack they have left is Trump’s poll numbers. Social media proves the GOP nominee has strong foundation and a firm backing.

The crooked lying media is desperate to get their candidate HillaryRottenClinton elected by any means.
Here are two pictures that show the difference between Trump’s rallies and Hillary rallies
trump-rally-daytona-3Trump Rally in Daytona, FLA  10, 000 people
Hillary in NevadaHillary in Nevada and the media would have you believe she is winning over Trump there.
Of course we still have to concern ourselves over the YUGE Democrat Fraud Machine in the general election. So everyone who supports Trump had better vote.





Comments on: "Rigged Media Polls About Trump Losing" (21)

  1. A spot on post Pepp. I agree 100%. I read a number of articles recently whereas the Dims have hired lemmings to reply to opinion polls etc. in order to shew the polls in a ridiculous attempt to discourage Trump supporters.

    Voter registrations are at record highs and they aren’t for the left.

    On another note… I just read a piece where black support in NC is favoring Trump by 10 points. Mind you, it’s only one state. The blacks I encounter here in VA favor Trump as well.

    The alphabet media polls are bullshit! The real poll will be November 8th.

    I can’t wait until the live debates when Trump eviscerates Hildabeast. Popcorn & beer time!

    I think Trump is going to win in an epic landslide.

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    • willibeaux said:

      Nox….November 8 will be the final poll. We have to pray that Trump is God’s candidate and he will be victorious.
      Thanks for your comment.

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    • HN, right I wonder who they are polling, all of Hilary’s employees, all of the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and even Fox employees? That would get her way ahead of Donald. Do they even poll conservatives?

      This 10% lead over Trump is absurd. And I agree that the media are trying to get Trump voters so depressed they won’t vote.

      That’s good to hear about the blacks in N.Carolina and your state too. I think there are many blacks who will be voting for Trump. Probably not as high as for Hillary but it’s good to take some of the support away from her.

      I too think those debates are going to be really good and damaging to Hillary.

      I think Trump will win in a landslide too as long as voters don’t get so discouraged they don’t vote. We have to in big numbers this time.


      • Pepp, I saw a piece a week or so ago where they had dozens and dozens of millennial lemmings sitting at school lunch tables with their laptops replying to polls. The Beast campaign is paying them $8 an hour. There are a number of Craigslist ads out there around the country.

        This crap will just get worse as the left gets more desperate. Our side is digging in. Hopefully Trump won’t shoot himself in the foot attempting to respond to the bullshit. No need to give them ammo. Ditto for the butthurt NeverTrumpers too.

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        • HN, So they have to go those lengths to get people at Hillary’s rallies! Paying people! Unbelievable.

          I too hope Trump does not take the bait on anymore traps the Hildabeast sets for him.

          I just saw a picture of Hillary’s crowd in Omaha. It was SO small!


  2. Donna Rabus said:

    Thank you, Pepp. This is encouraging..

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  3. HI Pepper, we are all big girls and boys and we all know there is no truth in anything, especially the media. If a person has a lick of common sense, they see right through what hillbuster is all about. Sadly by design we have allowed the Government to dumb down our children by not teaching them what they need to know and not allowing time for development of personal reasoning, which creates common sense all because of the no child left behind program. Thereby changing their attitudes towards dependency, that the Government knows what is best for them. The media which is made up of mostly Millennials and prefer to think of them as victims. They present and try to convince the readers what they believe to be the best way of life through more Government control and Trump represents the opposite, which they are not capable reason through. And the Government, due to political correctness has taken God out of everything, there are no more morals, the media is not beyond lying.

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    • Walt, very true, there is no media we can trust to tell the truth, at least not on TV. We can find some truth tellers on the Internet but their facts never get put on the TV. No media wants the truth to come out and when it does, they twist and turn it.

      It is sad that our kids are being taught socialism basically in the country and history has been rewritten by the liberals.

      I agree we have no moral compass when it comes to the government and the media. The schools are horrible for kids. If I had a child I’d be teaching them at home.


  4. Okay, Hillary Clinton suffers from Attendance Deficit Disorder.

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  5. Thanks for this post, I guess we are all on the edge of our seats…

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    • Hi eric, welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting.

      You are exactly right, we are all on the edge of our seats coming up on this election. If we lose we lose our country. I pray to God Trump wins. I think a lot of us are stressed out waiting for the outcome. I know I am.


  6. Your post is comforting Pepp. Thanks !

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  7. gunnyginalaska said:


    Solid gold. I think I heard Hannity quoting these figures today!

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