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Black Lives Matter) released their official list of demands.

The agenda outlines six demands and offers 40 recommendations on how to address them. To address criminal-justice reform, for example, movement organizers are calling for an end to the type of militarized police presence seen at protests in cities like Ferguson, and the retroactive decriminalization and immediate release of all people convicted of drug offenses, sex-work-related offenses, and youth offenses.

The group also is calling for the passage of a bill that would create a commission to study reparations for descendants of slaves.

AHHH!  Did you catch that?  REPARATIONS!  What does that mean?  Take a look at the reparations page to find out.  Here are their reparation demands for “past and continuing harms”:


  • Reparations for the systemic denial of access to high quality educational opportunities in the form of full and free access for all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people) to lifetime education including: free access and open admissions to public community colleges and universities, technical education (technology, trade and agricultural), educational support programs, retroactive forgiveness of student loans, and support for lifetime learning programs.
  • Reparations for the continued divestment from, discrimination toward and exploitation of our communities in the form of guaranteed minimum livable income for all Black people, with clearly articulated corporate regulations.
  • Reparations for the wealth extracted from our communities through environmental racism, slavery, food apartheid, housing discrimination and racialized capitalism in the form of corporate and government reparations focused on healing ongoing physical and mental trauma, and ensuring our access and control of food sources, housing and land.
  • Reparations for the cultural and educational exploitation, erasure, and extraction of our communities in the form of mandated public school curriculums that critically examine the political, economic, and social impacts of colonialism and slavery, and funding to support, build, preserve, and restore cultural assets and sacred sites to ensure the recognition and honoring of our collective struggles and triumphs.
  • Legislation at the federal and state level that requires the United States to acknowledge the lasting impacts of slavery, establish and execute a plan to address those impacts. This includes the immediate passage of H.R.40, the “Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act” or subsequent versions which call for reparations remedies.

Read More:  https://policy.m4bl.org

What is there to say about this? I never owned slaves and I’m sure you all didn’t. This is outrageous to say the least.We don’t need more criminals released from prison. We’ve got enough of that with illegals.



Comments on: "A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice.”" (20)

  1. 2 Thessalonians 3:10

    10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

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  2. High Horse Strong said:

    Well Pepper,

    Here’s my “vision” for “Black Lives Matter”, if you want “Black Power”, Freedom & Justice”, leave America NOW! I will be more than happy to get these delusional nitwits a one-way ticket to Africa; see how long they last in the “motherland”.

    The mental midgets need to realize this:

    Your parents & grandparents weren’t slaves.
    Caucasians weren’t SLAVEOWNERS!
    …..and YOU didn’t pick cotton!

    The members of “Black Lives Matter” need STFU & take a much needed timeout! NO ONE is going to EVEN give their so-called demands any notice!

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    • HHS, LOL! I’m sure a lot of people would donate towards their fare to go back to Africa. I would to get rid of this scum.

      I think they need to get jobs instead of being paid protesters. And their whining is old and wearisome. Like you I’d like to see their pie-holes STFU.

      I sure hope they don’t get anywhere with this crap but if Hillary is elected she may give them what they want. Especially letting them out of prison. She’s already said she’d to that.


  3. Fireheart said:

    From what I read and the comments from others, this is outrages. .I thought it was the 21st. century, mot the 19th. From what I read it sounds like they are being treated unfairly are they kidding me? As far as I can tell they get a good education which every time I turn around they are asking for money for it. They are not slaves any more but they seem to going back to that. As for jobs I bet a dollar that they have better jobs then we do. There are also Caucasians who are in prison what about their rights? This makes me sick for two reasons, I agree with everyone and it makes me sound prejudice and I wonder deep down inside if I’m not. Sorry if I step on any ones toes

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    • Fireheart, it is outrageous. Some of them do have better jobs. And they get all kinds of handouts from the government. So what’s their problem? If they took the time to look, they would see that the dem/commies are the ones holding them back. The Commies want the blacks to stay on their plantation.

      Slavery ended a LONG time ago. I’m sure most of these blacks were never slaves and probably none of their family were slaves.

      No you didn’t step on any toes. Surely not mine. I never used to be prejudiced about them, but I’m starting to feel that way too. They are making themselves a law breaking group that I don’t have any sympathy anymore.

      The BLM is a real pain in the butt.


  4. 88% of all black men killed by gunfire are murdered by other black men. What are the police supposed to do about those murders? Those groups who pattern themselves from the Black Panthers need to think things through.
    Bringing up slavery means we should also still be at war with Germany and Japan, no more trips to Italy, and oh, don’t forget how Britain treated us with taxation without representation back in the 1770’s…….

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    • GP, thanks for commenting. Yes they kill themselves off and no one in the media for the most part ever brings the attention to this. Black on black crime is the real problem even in Chicago where it is the worst and under strict gun laws. We see how well that works.

      Right, thanks for bringing that up about the wars and us being enslaved by England. You make a very good point.


  5. The ony slaves in this country for its first 150 years were the Irish. Tricky little thing called compounding interest means that their prior claim on reparations would regrettably absorb all the money there is.
    Sorry kiddo. None left for subsequent claims. As the head of a family due some of those Irish reparations, I hereby bequeath our share to fund instead the continued running of this country, specifically and exclusively only for the 17 duties that federal government is charged with doing in the Constitution. All other expenditures represent theft of office and misuse of funds and render those responsible subject to accountability for damages and forfeiture of any right of access to any of those said funds.

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  6. “If you are taught bitterness and anger, then you will believe you are a victim. You will feel aggrieved and the twin brother of aggrievment is entitlement. So now you think you are owed something and you don’t have to work for it and now you’re on a really bad road to nowhere because there are people who will play to that sense of victim hood, aggreivement and entitlement, and you still won’t have a job.”

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  7. Donna Rabus said:

    At this point, I could not care less about BLM…I am sick of their protesting, their screaming racism…they all need to get a job and shut the heck up..

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  8. The big problem with their reparation ideas is that once you start it never ends. And that’s the point. But that’s beyond the wrongness about it all. Like terrorists, it won’t stop. I was also hoping BLM would slide off radar or fade away. No such luck.

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    • That’s true Bull, the repartitions would be infinite. I guess they want whites to pay for a 150 years or so. The money will run out. But they can’t think that far.

      No the BLM seems be be getting bigger and more belligerent. We need a president who believes in law and order to squelch this anarchy


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