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Paul Ryan is doing every thing he can to sabotage Trump. Of course this isn’t really news. We’ve seen if for ourselves constantly.

He needs to GO!  People in Wisconsin should take a good look at Paul Nehlen, and vote for him instead. He’s not a Muslim lover like Ryan.

On a recent appearance on Fox News, Nehlen issued a dire warning for voters: Ryan is planning to sabotage Trump at every opportunity.

This is not the first time Ryan’s loyalty to his party’s leader has come under question by leading political insiders. In May, conservative talk show host Sean Hannity complained about Ryan sabotaging Trump:

In fact, Ryan’s distaste for Trump is one of the worst kept secrets in Washington, and could serve to thwart progress under a Trump administration.

While Ryan has officially endorsed the Republican presidential nominee, he hasn’t been shy about repeatedly, publicly criticizing his party’s candidate’s proposals as un-American or even racist.

Even when not directly attacking Trump, Ryan refuses to mention him.

At a recent meeting with a wealthy establishment donor network run by the billionaire Koch brothers, Ryan declined to even mention the name of his party’s presidential nominee during his speech to the group, and referenced the election as a “personality contest” without specific goals or principles.

It seems like even The Donald himself has had enough of Ryan’s shenanigans.

Yesterday, he took to Twitter to thank Ryan’s rival Nehlen for his kind words, to which Nehlen responded:

We can see how bad this is because I’ve yet to see Ryan or McConnell come out and try to destroy Hillary. Where are they on her emails scandal? Why are they not saying anything against her. Obviously they are in the tank for her not wanting to upset the apple cart which bears the fruits that line their pockets.

They are traitors every last one of them who is trying to take Trump down.


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Comments on: "[Exclusive] GOP Insider Sabotaging Trump" (2)

  1. PAULIE ‘cryin’ ryan is a TRAITOR to the GOP and American Politics.
    No Different from Bernie sanders = EXCEPT=
    He showed his Traitor-Side by sporting that
    until he was forced to shave it off.
    TRUMP PENCE 2016

    Liked by 1 person

  2. aaah, I agree Ryan is a traitor to us all. He believes in bringing in more Muslims, not closing the border, and then there was that awful Omnibus bill. He needs to change his affiliation to the Dem/commie party. He is no conservative.

    Bloody hell, he looked awful with that beard. I’m glad he was forced to shave it off.

    Trump/Pence 2016


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