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Invasion of Europe news…. Thousands took to the streets yesterday, not just in Berlin, but across the country in furious demonstrations against the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that have opened the gates of Europe’s most prosperous country to literally an invasion by the third world. See the news here at the UK […]

via Calls for Angela Merkel to step down at huge demonstrations across Germany yesterday — Refugee Resettlement Watch


Comments on: "Calls for Angela Merkel to step down at huge demonstrations across Germany yesterday — Refugee Resettlement Watch" (13)

  1. She put her own citizens in harm’s way with her actions.

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  2. High Horse Strong said:

    At this point, Frau Merkel is fit for public flogging! What gets me is that despite the terror attacks & mass raping by these “refugees” Merkel seems to be DOUBLING DOWN on her open-door refugee policy!

    What the FRICK is wrong with her?!

    Sad thing is, Barack & Hillary seem to want that for America! We the people need to vigorously push back against such initiatives or else we will face the same situation Europe is facing now.

    …And Hillary is the next president, she will be America’s MERKEL!

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    • willibeaux said:

      HH!! The Frau is suffering from a severe case of cranial rectilitus. As you stated zero and Nurse Rachet want the same for America. We be in deep manure if those two @zzzzzzewholes are successful.


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    • HHS, I am wondering the same thing, WTH is wrong with this woman. Has she lost her marbles or what?? I read where she is doubling down like you said. It’s bewildering with what’s going on there.

      Yes if Hillary is elected she’s going to be a clone of Merkel. And I wonder if there would be any push back here. We’d probably all get shot for protesting against this.


      • High Horse Strong said:

        “We’d probably all get shot for protesting against this.”


        I wouldn’t be surprised that many would shoot back. I suspect that’s when we would start seeing a full-blown revolution here! I still tend to think that more than most Americans won’t submit to Islam/Sharia Law.

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        • HHS I sure hope we’d revolt. The thing that worries me is that conservatives don’t protest ever. No I don’t think most Americans are going to submit to Sharia Law.


  3. Erste in Deutsche.Auslander,Auswanderers,RAUS. Deutschland fur Deutschen Volk.
    First in German.Foreigner,Imigrants get OUT! Germany for German people.

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    • I wish they would throw those foreigners out but Merkel doesn’t care for someone unknown reason. i think Germany is lost and will have a Caliphate on their hands


  4. Obama should step down too, ISIS said they were after Nuclear weapons, they will get them now courtesy of Erdogon, who was previously given access to them by Obama, where’s a bloody good sniper when you need one.

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    • Emu, I agree Obama should step down and Hillary should NEVER be president. We all are afraid of the consequences of allowing these refugees in here with no vetting process. Yeah, where is that sniper when we need one. Been waiting for years now.

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