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From Breitbart


PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — Groups of disgruntled delegates for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) heckled, protested, and eventually walked out of the Democratic National Convention during Hillary Clinton’s speech accepting her party’s nomination on Thursday night.

Though by no means universal — many Sanders delegates cheered Clinton enthusiastically — the protests were virtually unprecedented in the history of acceptance speeches at party conventions.

Hundreds of Sanders delegates had arrived at the Wells Fargo Arena Thursday afternoon wearing fluorescent green T-shirts bearing the slogan, “Enough is Enough.” The shirts, which glowed in the dark, were produced by members of the Oregon delegation after convention officials turned out the lights in their section to hide their protests the night before.

green t shirts

As Clinton took the stage, some California delegates unfurled a hidden banner that read “#WIKILEAKS,” a reminder of the email releases late last week that revealed the Democratic National Committee had secretly colluded with the Clinton campaign. Some held signs: “No More Wars” and “Stop Fracking Now,” among others.

flags at convention

I guess not every democrat/commie wants the old hag Hillary for President. Must have been a downer for her to see these delegates walk out. It couldn’t happen to a more deserved individual than Hildabeast.


Comments on: "WATCH: Delegates Protest, Walk Out of Hillary’s DNC Speech" (12)

  1. Fireheart said:

    I like that I agree she deserved it She the Darkness

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  2. High Horse Strong said:

    Fitting & EPIC! LOL!!
    “Delegates Protest, Walk Out of Hillary’s DNC Speech..”

    There must be hope for the world yet!

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    • HHS, yeah, it’s really funny. And they want to make you believe they are the “unified” ones. LOL!

      I hope and pray she is not elected.


  3. As wacky or far left as they are they do have creative means of protest. Demsexit is pretty cute. If I read the unspoken dialogue between Hillary and Bernie it would be. “I congratulate you, Bernie for all your efforts, and I’ll take your supporters now, thanks.”

    I’m guessing there were many more that sympathized with the protest who didn’t walk out. They sure did not want them visible. I heard them shouting down Panetta. They couldn’t hide the chants. I didn’t know perfect unity looked like that? LOL So their hand off plan wasn’t working the way it was supposed to.

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    • Bull, I thought “Demexit” was pretty cute too and creative like you said. Oh Lord, that’s some convo between Bernie and Hillary and I doubt he’s happy about this at all since he since then left the democrat party. LOL!

      I think you’re right about more who would have walked out but I heard the Clinton ppl were threatening them not to do so. I don’t know what kind of threats however.

      Hee, hee I didn’t know unity looked liked that either. I think it’s hilarious.

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      • And I still remember Hillary calling the R-convention the Wizard of Oz. Imagine they had to fire DNC Debbs just before it started because of all the corruption they had going on. I just heard that the breach in the DNC server was about a year long. She now says trust me on security (wink wink)

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        • Bull, and the DNC looked like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I like the Wizard of Oz better. I hate horror shows such as the DNC was.

          Right, the DNC server was hacked, her server was hacked and now her campaign server was hacked. And we’re supposed to trust her? Give me a break!


  4. willibeaux said:

    Judge Janinne(sp) had a screaming liberal female on her show last night. I’ve seen her before. I think her name is Sasha Bush. That’s what it sounded like. The judge handed this stupid broad her @zzze all through the panel discussion. The judge had a black news anchor on right afterwards. He referred to her as a lunatic.
    She sure was a piece of work.

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    • willibeaux, I saw the her show and the liberal you’re talking about. She is a loon. Yes she’s been on Fox shows before. The Judge always gets them in the end. I just love Jeanine.

      I’m glad the black guy called her a loon. LOL!


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