Wicked Commentary

By Bethany Blankley

Following the brutal murder of an elderly Catholic Priest in France, ISIS has publicly warned British Christian clergy and their congregants: you’re next. Police publicly warned Britain’s 5.4 million Christian church goers, pastors and clergy to be on alert as they are likely targets for ISIS.

The Daily Mail reports that security has now been increased for Britain’s 47,000 churches in response to ISIS’s threat to target Christians and churches in major world cities. Roughly 5.4 million British citizens are church members.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said: ‘Following recent events in France, we are reiterating our protective security advice to Christian places of worship and have circulated specific advice today. We are also taking this opportunity to remind them to review their security arrangements as a precaution. Daesh and other terrorist groups have targeted Christian as well as Jewish and other faith groups in the West and beyond. While the threat from terrorism remains unchanged at severe we urge the public to be vigilant.”

Citing analysts at the SITE intelligence group, the Mail reports that London is on an ISIS hit list of cities it plans to target next.

But, London is not alone. America is next.

ISIS released pictures of major world cities online, two of which are New York City and Washington, D.C.

One image ISIS published is of the Statue of Liberty on fire with a caption that reads: “Washington soon.” And:



Get ready folks and be vigilant, this is coming soon to us. And with all the non vetted Syrian refugees who are coming in here we don’t know how many ISIS are coming with them disguised as refugees.

On top of that we still have open borders with people flooding into our country and we don’t know who these people are.


Comments on: "ISIS Warns American, British Christian Clergy, Congregants: You’re Next" (4)

  1. The BIG difference between us and the Brits is that WE are armed or can be quickly. I NEVER leave home without one of my 1911’s under my shirt and it also goes to church with us and it is common knowledge among the congregants.A 38 Super with two spare magazines is a real deterrent to most but we are now dealing with suicidal loonies that embrace death.I hope their “virgins”all have beards shorter than mine.

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    • Bob, that’s true we are still armed. I think it’s a good idea for some congregants and the pastor to be armed at all times in churches. We never know when something like this is going to happen in the churches we attend.


  2. willibeaux said:

    Keep your powder dry!!

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