Wicked Commentary

We are not, repeat NOT, going to exhaust unnecessary energy in the next 10 days to deconstruct the insufferably predictable media-agenda-polls that are looming on the near horizon. The corporations who have a vested interest in manufacturing the Potemkin village have their collected pollsters armed with fresh paint to create the optics of a “historic” surge in polling upon the conclusion of the Democrat National Party Convention in Philadelphia.

You can count on a manufactured corporate-media pretense to deliver a carefully scripted narrative giving Hillary Clinton a post convention bounce around 10 to 15 points (+/- 3).

However, polling from:  CNN/ORC (Turner), ABC (Disney), NBC (Mark Murray), Wall Street Journal (Rupert Murdoch), Monmouth (Patrick Murray), FOX News (Daron Shaw), Reuters, CBS (David Rhodes), and PPP (Happy Liberals), are g-u–a-r-a-n-t-e-e-d to be manufactured for maximum political value.   ie. Painting the Potemkin Village.


via Beware The Predictable Polling Onslaught to Paint the Potemkin Village… — The Last Refuge


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