Wicked Commentary

By Philip Hodges

This isn’t one of those stories that will make it to the national media, because the narrative there is that Trump supporters are the violent ones, and everyone else are their victims.

The media has gone so far as to blame Trump for “inciting violence” in his speeches. I’m not denying that there have been some altercations involving Trump’s supporters, but the media will focus on those incidents and ignore incidents like these.

Monday night, Paul Jones, Jr. – a 60-year-old Vietnam veteran who served in the Air Force – was at his neighborhood bar called Winston’s Place with a friend talking politics. Jones supports Trump. Already, that’s controversial enough, but what made it exceptionally controversial is that Mr. Jones happens to be black. A black person supporting Trump is a big no-no.

His political conversation with his friend was overheard by a stranger in the bar who became angry. “He butted in the conversation,” Jones told WEWS over the phone from his hospital bed. “The conversation wasn’t directed at him or to him.”

The stranger became so irate that he went to his car to retrieve a firearm, brought it inside – the bar is a “gun-free zone” – and shot Mr. Jones in the thigh.

Immediately afterwards, the shooter fled the scene, and the police are still on the lookout for him.

Mr. Jones’s mother Latosca said that she and her family are quite vocal about their political opinions, and they’re all different. But they respect each other’s opinions. “I’m quite sure you have a lot of people having their own opinions. But that doesn’t mean you should hurt somebody because you have your own opinion,” Jones’ mother said in an interview with WEWS.

Thankfully, Mr. Jones is expected to make a full recovery.

No description of the suspect has been given, but once he is caught, he’ll be charged with felonious assault.

So who’s violent? Looks like the left again to me. Of course the media will ignore this story. This shatters their propaganda.


Comments on: "Black Vietnam Veteran Shot for Supporting Donald Trump!" (6)

  1. Hey, Black Republican’s Lives Matter too !
    Any guesses as to the race of the shooter ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Terry that’s right #BlackRepublcansLivesMatter. And I don’t have to guess at the color of the shooter. We can be pretty certain it was another black. But you will never hear this in the media.


  2. High Horse Strong said:

    Agreed Pepper & Terry: #BlackRepublcansLivesMatter, #WhiteLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter……….

    Except for the vermin that committed such an act!! If the scum that did this was black, #FuckBlackLivesMatter!! They are a cancer to this society!!

    And Pepper; I’m SURE it was one of Obama’s sons that shot this guy (and all because he supports Donald Trump)! The senseless violence from #BlackLivesMatter is BEYOND OLD!! They WILL get their comeuppance. I guarantee they will!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • HHS, I would like to see Congress declare BLM as a domestic terrorist group. I’m sick of them and their outrageous behavior doing anything they want no matter how lawless and getting away with it. They are a racist group. If these people were white they would be charged with hate crimes. But no as long as you are black you can do whatever you want no matter how racist.

      LOL! Yeah one of Obama’s son’s did this.


  3. Fireheart said:

    This is true. I agree


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