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Rush Limbaugh believes Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, exercised poor judgment in deciding to make his “stand on principle” speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night and refusing to endorse Donald Trump.

“I thought Ted Cruz might have chosen the wrong occasion and the wrong time to make a stand on principle, but he did it,” Limbaugh said during his Thursday show.

On his Monday show, Limbaugh said he is in the Never Hillary camp now, saying he cannot abide another four or eight years of Obama-style fundamental transformation of America.

“If it meant the end of this radio show, if supporting Trump meant the end of this radio show but that meant the end of Hillary, then that’s what I would do. It’s that important to me,” said the conservative icon.

You know when Rush Limbaugh comes out and chastises Cruz, ole Ted made a huge mistake.

Rush, unlike some other so called conservatives realizes that Hillary is the worst choice for president there ever has been. I hope other #NeverTrumpers come to the same conclusion. We can’t have this criminal in our White House.


Comments on: "Rush Limbaugh on Ted Cruz, Poor Judgement" (15)

  1. You know, I’m not sure if Rush is just afraid if getting blamed if Hill wins, or genuinely wants to beat her. Whatever, nice to see that. The “wrong time to stand on principle”… except it was not principle but breaking his pledge. But now principle is breaking it. Though its a good ti see this.

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  2. This so called “Fundamental Transformation” of America is occurring because WE THE PEOPLE have not raised Hell about it with our Misrepresentatives in the House of ill repute we called Congress. The arrogant “Community Organizer”hasn’t been curbed because this pack of political twits is afraid of being called racists.
    Ted Cruz is Pissed off big time because Trump unraveled the whole failed political ideology
    of the RINO Party and now is having his “Pout&Pity” party.BY By Teddy Boy.

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  3. Just Gene said:

    The “wrong time to stand on principle”…He was sitting on – it was up his ass – that’s where his head is.

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  4. Bob, great comment. Yes we have not held accountable the congress critters who have betrayed us in so many ways. I expect a lot of them may go down in 2016. I know my rep is going down if I have anything to say about it. I don’t know WTH he is doing in DC except tiny things, nothing big and won’t vote down amnesty.

    Yes Teddy is having his pity party all right. Too bad Ted you missed the boat. He couldn’t expose the RINO party because he is an insider no matter what Cruzbots think.


  5. Ted could have stayed home but instead decided to torpedo his political career on a national stage. Good riddance!

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  6. Btw, Ted’s big donors are treating him now as if he has leprosy.

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  7. I felt Cruz was exercising his right to show his juvenile sour-grapes. haha, typical politician.

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    • GP, he did exercise his right to show himself for the ass he is. Is it any wonder now why he is so hated in Congress? He showed up just who he is and I can’t think of any who support his kind of juvenile behavior.

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