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Just as many thought, Ted Cruz followed through with his nasty and divisive ambush last night. His speech started out good enough, although his droning on and on makes one want to scream “shut up and finish up”.

Then at the end of his speech came the ambush. He did not endorse Trump and told people to vote their conscience. Vote for the ticket up and down on the candidates you think will support freedom. (paraphrased)

I don’t think in my life time I’ve ever seen this kind of selfish, petty and destructive act last night.

He has no love for this country or the people. To tell people to vote their conscience he basically said, “give the election away to Hillary Clinton and in 2020 I’ll be back to run for president and we can throw her out”.

That’s been tried before and how well did that work? It didn’t and it gave us 8 miserable years of Obama.

I would like to tell him that his aspirations to be the next president are gone. He committed political suicide last night. Towards the end of his run in this campaign a lot of people who supported Cruz turned against him and voted for Trump. They said they were disgusted with Cruz’s dirty tricks and constant lies.

If there are conservatives who are going to not vote and allow Hillary Clinton to win, I blame them for what happens to our country afterwards. And there may not be any future elections if she is chosen to be president.

After the Convention closed, a reporter on C-span talked to some delegates from Texas. Surprisingly they were not happy with what Cruz had done. One woman said she now questions Cruz’s claim of being a man of God after what he did. She also said she sees no political future for Cruz in Texas.

On Twitter, the percentage of people who thought Cruz made a huge mistake was about 90%. He got hammered over and over. He also gave fodder to the left to continue their attacks on the Republican convention as being a train wreck. The left likes to eat that up and repeat it over again. We know it’s not true, but we have a leftist media who feeds on anything they can to denigrate conservatives. 

Here a just a few of the tweets that were hammering Cruz last night. Most tweets were similar to the ones I am posting.

Thank God Lyin’ Ted Cruz didn’t win nomination. Imagine another self-serving globalist politician in WH.

Ted Cruz is now hands down the biggest baby in politics! What a horses ass!

Tonight Ted Cruz proved he’s a divider not a uniter. American Deserves Better.

I’m surprised Ted Cruz didn’t douse himself in gasoline and strike a match. Oh, wait. He did.

Guess what? The Melania story is over. Ted Cruz asshattery is now THE STORY.

Trish Retweeted Wayne Allyn Root

Ted Cruz is a spiteful petty vindictive little man. I humbly ask president Trump to Deport Cruz!

Trish added,

GOP Delegates Turn on Ted Cruz: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was dramatically booed by the majority of…

Ted Cruz committed the single stupidest political act in GOP history. Breathtaking arrogance.

Ted Cruz ruined it for himself a self Saboteur he’s a choker he lies he will never ever be in the White House. Ted Cruz go back to Canada

Ted’s just punishment was being booed off the stage while other delegates shouted Trump, Trump, Trump.





Comments on: "Ted Cruz Did Ambush the Republican Convention" (24)

  1. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    As a child of the 70s and 80s I have found that I relate much to music I can hear or see something and boom a song comes to mind and in this case Cyndi says it best

    Oh I realize
    Its hard to take courage
    In a world full of people
    You can lose sight of it all
    And the darkness inside you
    Can make you feel so small
    But I see your true colors
    Shining through

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  2. Hardnox said:

    As I posted at N&F, Ted torpedoed his own political future. His speech was poor and totally classless. he has exposed himself for who he is.

    Btw, he has previously stated that he plans on running in 2020 regardless of who is in office, so this stunt was about him and nothing more. Asshole!

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  3. Lyin’ Ted, another poliTICkian whose word is worth as much as a 1978 Yugo without an engine.

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  4. And I did in fact support Ted as a Constitutionalist up front in the prmaries, because the Constitution is so important.

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    • When Cruz first got into the race I was excited about it. Then after awhile I lost trust in him with his lies and what he did to Ben Carson. Put the nail in his coffin for me.


  5. It was months ago when I understood why Bernie was doing so well on the other side. A politician for sure, but he wasn’t part of that Elite Establishment crowd

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  6. Therese Kelly said:

    what a selfish ” I am the greatest ” Jerk . Drum him out of the Republican party , and ship him back to Canada!

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    • Therese, I would like to see him go back to Canada too where he could run for office there and relieve us of ever having to see this jack ass again.


  7. Wow, a real meltdown right there on live TV with about 19 million viewers. His Senate career could be over. What a petulant bitter guy. Anna Navaro on CNN said he was invited to a nice dinner party. He ate the food, and drank the wine, then pissed all over the floor.

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  8. Bull, that’s what makes it dumber on his part to do this in front of so many people on TV. It is possible his Senate career is over. Those Texans said they really don’t want him representing him any longer.

    Navaro said exactly what he did. He has no class whatsoever.


  9. High Horse Strong said:

    If Ted has 2020 (or 2024) in his sights, he can forget it at this point. Safe to say that Ted’s toast!!

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    • HHS, I agree. After what he did and his sore loser mentality, who would want to vote for him. Even his own Texas delegates are upset with him. I think he’s toast too.


  10. Donna Rabus said:

    Cruz showed his true colors…

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  11. Fireheart said:

    and they are all gray and dingy.

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  12. It takes all kinds, doesn’t it? When I heard his speech, all I could think was – ‘sour grapes.’

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    • GP, yes a lot of people thought the exact same thing, nothing but sour grapes.

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      • willibeaux said:

        Pepp……shades of 2008 when bullshiting Brian R. and his merry band of Brianistas wouldn’t vote for McCain. The SHTF. If this happens again, Mrs. Clinton will hammer the final nails in our coffin and goodby Republic.

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        • willibeaux, yes same thing. And just who decides what principles there are held by Cruz? He doesn’t have any. He is an opportunist who supports globalism, amnesty before he denied he supported it. He’s liar. A wrecking ball. No one likes him in Congress and now we see why. He’s not a team player. And he could never beat Hillary at all. He could not pull over democrats or Indies who are going to vote for Trump.

          Yes indeed we all better get behind Trump/Pence because like you said if Hillary gets in that is the very end of our country as we knew it. I hate to even think about it as it makes me shudder.


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