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Ted Cruz and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump started the 2016 presidential primary fast friends — but their political alliance quickly descended into a fierce rivalry.

Cruz’s supporters have spent the Republican National Convention attempting a coup designed to give Cruz the nomination, and trying to force through rules changes for Cruz’s long-term benefit.

Now, with Cruz set to deliver a speech today, some are left wondering — will Cruz put aside his own political ambitions, heed calls for party unity, and formally endorse Trump on the big stage?

Not likely, according to political experts, who have hinted that Cruz may instead have a last-minute ambush planned to embarrass Trump in front of a national audience.

The conservative senator repeatedly clashed with Trump during a bitter primary fight, with the New York billionaire repeatedly mocking the lawmaker as “Lyin’ Ted.”

If rumors are true, Cruz has his own mockery planned.

With an eye toward 2020, early reports indicate that Cruz’s team drafted his convention speech to focus on adherence to the Constitution, with some political backhands at Trump thrown in.

Cruz has not endorsed Trump despite pleas for party unity from the campaign and party officials. Nor is he expected to in his speech, the senator’s aides admit.

And Cruz’s refusal to endorse Trump will be the biggest story line to come out of Cruz’s speech, no matter what else he says.

Cruz only seems interested in setting himself up for another future run at president.

Before Trump even accepts the nomination, Cruz’s supporters as well as critics say undercurrents in Cleveland are emboldening the senator’s band of believers and stoking his 2020 prospects, should Trump lose in November.

So what Cruz says Wednesday during his prime-time convention speech will be closely watched for clues about his presidential aspirations.

I truly hope this is not what Cruz does. I would hate to see him embarrass himself this bad. He would only get booed and his aspirations would be finished. He needs to step outside of himself and join with the unification that most Republicans have accepted.


Comments on: "Is Cruz Planning an RNC Ambush Tonight?" (28)

  1. Cruz is a politician.Trump pointed out that the POLITICIANS are the problem and then proceeded to crush their hope of future glory and perfidy at any higher level than what they had already attained. NONE of them stood up to Obama’s attacks on the Constitution and are now reaping the whirlwind of angry,frustrated voters.

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    • Bob, that is quite true. Even Cruz never stood up to Obama’s assault on our Constitution. So who does he think he is giving a speech about the Constitution? Besides that we still don’t know if he’s a citizen.


  2. Hardnox said:

    If Cruz uses this platform in an attempt to bolster image and choses not to endorse Trump and get behind him then his political future is over.

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    • Nox, I agree. If he does that he’s going to look so bad. Christie pretty much did that in the 2012 convention and it pretty much ruined him for any future plans for president.


    • My exact thoughts, ‘Nox.
      And I sure don’t want the #ers to get refueled with their BS.

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      • Terry, Twitter is hammering Cruz. He is the most stupid, petty person alive and no one will ever want to vote for him for president in the future. He showed himself as the selfish person he is NOT realizing this is NOT about HIM but about our country.

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        • Pepp, he’s also getting hammered across the board on radio stations. I listened for about 3 hours today to different shows and everybody that called in was absolutely disgusted with Lyin’ Ted, including many of his strong backers who said this was the last straw for them.
          The lone exception was…wait for it…Glenn Beck. He praised Cruz for his dedication to his principles and for not wavering in his stance. He held him up to be a martyr. No surprise there.


  3. Just Gene said:

    I believe either way “CRAZ” goes, Don wins. If he endorses Trump – okay dokey – if he doesn’t, it adds to the fire – “DON’T TRUST ANYONE NOW IN POLITICS” i.e. including Hillary.

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    • Gene, right it won’t make any difference in the nomination of Trump if he endorses him or not. He will only hurt himself if he comes out and doesn’t endorse. He’ll look like a petty sore loser actually.


  4. Therese Kelly said:

    If Cruz is so stupid to try an end around Trump he just better get his sorry you know what out the door.

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    • Hi Therese, welcome to my blog. Hope to see you again.

      That’s kind of how I feel. Take him off the stage and throw him out on his butt. LOL! 😀


  5. Well, endorsement aside, if he undermines Trump he’ll just be handing MSN ammunition. They’ll love that — no matter what reasons Ted has in mind..

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    • Bull, yes he’ll be giving them fodder once again to call this convention a train wreck since it’s already been called that by the left.


  6. Cruz seems willing to alienate a lot of people Today for a presidential run Tomorrow.

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  7. Donna Rabus said:

    Cruz should not be allowed to speak tonight.

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    • Donna yes and he proved that tonight with what he did. He’s nothing but a big baby who can never get over he lost the nomination. Good by Ted and have a great “other” career.


  8. All, so now we’ve seen what Cruz did and he just committed suicide on live TV. Any political career he ever had for being president ended tonight. He is a petty, selfish person who still does not realize this election is NOT about him, but our saving our country. Good by Ted and good riddance!

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  9. Therese Kelly said:

    Senator Cruz can stop behaving like a spoiled brat,and stop pouty,he lost to Trump. I hope if he ever tries for the Presidency again he will be crushed.What a loser.

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    • Therese, he is a loser. He showed that tonight by what he did. He is a selfish, small individual. And who would want him for president in the future with the kind of antics he pulls. He’s an embarrassment to our country.


  10. Just Gene said:

    What anyone says or does is not necessary for the MSN – they pull crap out of thin air. As far as CRAZy is concerned, as they say in NASCAR, stick a fork in him – he’s done.

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