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From the Conservative Tribune

In a cringe-worthy vote this week, Senate Democrats blocked legislation that would financially support U.S. troops.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Dems also prevented a vote on a bill that would fund the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Things have been tough for the nation’s veterans throughout the Obama administration, of course. And this isn’t the first time Democrats have voted against veterans. In fact, they blocked a vote on the fiscal year 2017 defense appropriations bill for the second time in the month of July.

The bill would have provided funding to the United States armed forces, including money to pay American service members.

But that’s not all. That same day, Democrats also prevented a vote on the fiscal year Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.

However, Republicans sponsored the bill, and GOP Senate members spoke out against Dems for blocking the vote.

Senator Ron Johnson, R., Wis., was one of those members who voiced his opinion, saying: “I am disappointed that Senate Democrats are irresponsibly blocking the defense appropriations bill. Delaying consideration of this bill jeopardizes our national security and military readiness.”

“The defense of the United States and the American people is the federal government’s top priority. It’s only because of the continued sacrifices of our service members, the finest among us, that we are able to enjoy America’s many freedoms,” he continued.

“We owe it to our troops to ensure that they have the resources they need to protect themselves and defend our freedoms in the face of continued threats overseas.”

Democrats then threatened to block all appropriations bills in the name of “fair funding” and “parity” — that is, they want to make sure their domestic programs are funded the way the national defense is funded. To Democrats those priorities are the same.

Once again the Democrat/Commies show their traitorous disrespect of our military. They are completely despicable.


Comments on: "Democrats Block Vote on Our Military" (20)

  1. Despicable would be a step up for most of the current Demosocialist Party. Old timers who still think the Democrat Party is the same one that gave us Truman and JFK have gone into a dementia by voting for this current crop. No nothing young people who know no history before noon today are another problem as are the perpetually “needy”who don’t know the difference between proper government and Santa Claus.

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    • Old timers better start looking very close to what the Dem/Commie party has come to. It’s no longer the party of old. They are so far to the left it’s unreal. I hear a lot of Dems on Twitter who say they are voting for Trump because their party has left them,

      Yes the young people are no longer being taught on “real history” but on the re-written history by socialists. Then they go to colleges where they have liberal professors who teach them to hate America. It’s a damn shame.

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  2. Pitiful, Obama as President and the Democrats should hang their heads in shame, where are the voices of the American people????

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    • Ian, exactly they should hang their heads in shame but the have no shame. The American people do cry out against this but Congress no longer listens to us. That’s been the problem for years now and why Trump has risen as he has.

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  3. No one will be able to cry out soon, the Dictatorship of Obama will be like Hitler,Clinton will be Himmler, your FEMA camps will become concentration camps and the internees will be white non Muslim Christians as well as every one who do not comply with Sharia Law. The BLM movement is a set up, designed to cause a civil riot, enter the UN forces.
    The only saviour for America is civil unrest under a Trump Martial Law.

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    • Ian, you are right. We are fearing the worst. Obama has these things set up and the FEMA camps are all over the place. And it will be us Christians who will be rounded up and put into them.

      Yes, the BLM movement is a set up. He’s hoping a race war starts up so he can round up all whites and imprison them. The blacks will go free since he only supports them and he has been meeting with the leaders of BLM and the New Black Panthers. He does this in the open that’s how arrogant he is and he knows Congress will do nothing to stop him.

      I pray Trump is elected because he won’t put up with this anarchy that’s going on here. I never ever thought things would come to this.

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      • Arm up and stay awake.The BLM has declared war on the police now in Louisiana.
        Recall this Cowardlycongress and make them explain the treason they have been involved in
        regarding our veterans. Billions for Iran but not one dime for our veterans. ENOUGH!!

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  4. the unit said:

    Excuse me as this may be OT. But Aussieian, is the following accurate?

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  5. the unit said:

    I can’t find the reply button. Aussieian, I just copied the url and posted. I don’t think any permission is required for doing that. I did it and think you can to. 🙂

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  6. owhacko’s legacy = ‘Lip Service’
    Our Donny 2016

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    • Right can’t wait for the Donald who actually supports our troops. But can he do it with these Senators to get it through? He’ll have to get Pence to bust some heads.


  7. the unit said:

    Relative to the blog thread. We know what demos do don’t we. Yes, that sound Ross Perot made famous. However to be 50-44 some repubs voted with demos, as demos have 45.

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    • Hardnox said:

      The dims only need 41 to block it. Thanks to that shithead McConnell who overturned Reid’s “majority rules” rule.

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      • the unit said:

        Man, I was thinking in reverse today! I know you’re right, in fact I knew that too. But I guess Obama’s fairness is rubbing off on me. Only fair that if it takes 60 votes to bring bill to the floor, then it should also take 60 votes to NOT bring bill to the floor. Huh? 🙂

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      • Nox how about that nuclear option Reid played on the Repubs?


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