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Muslim terror group boasts of having 325 meetings with members of US Congress or their staff in 2016

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group identified by the Justice Department as a Muslim Brotherhood entity and designated as terrorists by the United Arab Emirates, boasts of having 325 meetings with members of Congress or their staff over the last year.

The group says it also enjoyed $3 million worth free advertising through media appearances this year alone, resulting in 50 million views of its work.

CAIR’s fundraising video boasts that there were 14,000 mentions of CAIR on radio or television this year alone, and that it has a database of 1.6 million media contacts to use. The organization said it has 65 trained spokespeople, 29 offices and 35 full-time lawyers.

Why is Congress meeting with this terrorist group? What is Congress getting out of this? 

via Terror-linked Muslim Group CAIR Met with Congress 325 Times in 2016 — Creeping Sharia


Comments on: "Terror-linked Muslim Group CAIR Met with Congress 325 Times in 2016 — Creeping Sharia" (8)

  1. Just Gene said:

    CAIR – Create American Islamic Republic

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  2. How about DAIR? Destroy Any Islamic Republics. How about Blitzkrieg? We need George Patton back and Air Force General Curt Lemay. Lemay was one of the Army Air Corps squadron leaders that demonstrated early urban renewal projects with 1000 bomber raids
    over Germany.

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    • Bob, that’s a good one too. DAIR. The need to be destroyed. I would like to see another Patton too. And LeMay. Generals that win wars, not lose them.


  3. Hardnox said:

    What are they getting out of this? MONEY masked as campaign contributions.

    How many of the 325 meetings were with lefties?

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  4. Gar Swaffar said:

    CONgress, by the classic definition of the word, these days is also a terrorist organization.

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