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An anti-gun professor at Southern State Community College (SSCC) in Ohio James Pearce posted some violent words on his Facebook page last month, calling for a mass shooting at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia and ensuring that there were “no survivors.”

Further, he called for “Washington lobbyists” to also be killed, all so that gun control proponents could “see some legislative action on assault weapons.”


Days after his June 13 post, Pearce’s comments were sent to the authorities, and an investigation ensued. The case was referred to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. According to Campus Reform, the SSCC president was advised by the Attorney General to “take no action until the Feds had completed an investigation.”

The director for public relations at SSCC Kris Kross told Campus Reform that it was their policy not to comment on individual personnel matters. Asked whether Professor Pearce would continue to teach there at SSCC, Kross noted that a criminal prosecution could affect the professor’s employment, but that “a report does not necessarily mean an investigation.”

Can you imagine if the SSCC professor had instead called for mass shootings at Planned Parenthood clinics, until “we see some legislative action on” abortion? All of a sudden, that policy of not commenting on “individual personnel matters” wouldn’t apply anymore. They’d fire him in a heartbeat. The media would eviscerate him, calling him a “typical” pro-life, gun nut, domestic terrorist.

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Comments on: "Professor Calls for Mass Shooting at the NRA’s HQ: “Make sure there are no survivors.”" (5)

  1. High Horse Strong said:

    Hmm… This SJW snowflake sounds like a “Black Lives Matter” radical domestic terrorist! Have to say, I highly doubt employees working at the NRA won’t have ANYTHING to worry about, since they would probably blow these scumbag agitators away like lint.

    Threats like that are no joke! I glad that asshat libard is under investigation. Too bad he isn’t in jail so he can reflect on the dumbass comments he made!

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    • HHS, I think he’s a BLM terrorist too. I thought it was funny him saying they’ll just have to arm themselves. They would have to learn how to shoot too. DUH! And I’m sure everyone at the NRA building KNOWS how to shoot.

      No these kinds of threats are no joke and he should be arrested!


  2. Fireheart said:

    Okay I thought this was over my head till I read it again. Here what I have to say about this. Does this professor have a death wish? If he is anti-gun then I suppose he has no idea how to use a gun safely. So going in the NRA building is nuts and would most likely end in his death or anyone else stupid enough to take him up on it. I mean how would killing everyone in the NRA building solve anything? I ask you. Nothing ! It won’t solve a thing only body counts and I ‘m not talking about the NRA who knows how to used a gun but anti gun who I am thinking don’t know how to use a gun since they hate guns. I myself don’t own a gun, but I do know that a gun is only an object and has no feelings. So it’s not the gun that kills but the wrong person who using it, rather he or she be a bad person or a foolish one. Guns are for people who know how to use one safely and is a law vying citizens. Sorry one more thing. How could Facebook let that be posted? I am now done. Have a nice day.

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    • Fireheart, great comment. Everything you say makes good sense. And Face Book should now allow these kinds of threats to be on their site. They are already being sued for allowing threats by radical jihadists on their site.

      Thank you for your comment. It was a really good one!


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