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A favorite term: “remove yourself“. There’s massive power, leverage, seriousness, resolve and purity of control in that statement. Top level executives use that term frequently to force lower level execs into positional extrication for a myriad of reasons. Self removal allows lower leadership to “save face”. Modern liberals cannot grasp the power in this approach […]

The most remarkable aspect to Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign has been his unique capability to expose the fraud and corruption on both sides of the UniParty.

As a direct consequence, Donald Trump’s candidacy represents an existential threat to the entire apparatus of modern political power.   Those working earnestly to remove him from challenging their grip on power rely on deception and shadows to work their dark art.

Toward that end Trump’s enemies remain what we predicted they would be a year ago.  The professional political class, the Vichy Republican party, Wall Street, The Media, Professional punditry, Consulting Class Republicans and the entire globalist apparatus.

These political self-interest-groups are pulling out all the stops to undermine Donald Trump.  He’s well aware of that, and we should be too.  This is where it becomes important to see how Trump is combating the totality of the machine that is aligned against him.

As previously mentioned, the goals of the corporate entities -who have billions of their influential stakes at risk- will stop at nothing to see the risk that Donald Trump represents destroyed and eliminated.  Historically these same entities are the primary financiers for the Republican Party Apparatus.

However, the successful insurgency of the average American has left the GOPe no option other than to out themselves as they verbally charge to destroy candidate Trump.  They would rather burn the house down before they allow patriotic Americans to take it over.

But we will succeed because we have something they don’t – – NUMBERS.

….There are more of us than them.

Remember the non-media battle ground poll snapshot from key counties as presented by Axiom (it also includes a Virginia county):

battleground polls axiom

The media and the pollsters are during a head fake on us folks. They want us to believe that Trump has no chance whatsoever to win the 2016 election. The actual facts and numbers tell a different story. We still can have some hope.


via Senator Bob Corker “Removes Himself” From Veep Contention… — The Last Refuge


Comments on: "Senator Bob Corker “Removes Himself” From Veep Contention… — The Last Refuge" (4)

  1. Dewey wins over Truman


  2. I still cannot put together Corker’s reason though I’m certain there is one. He doesn’t have a bad arrangement where he’s at for one thing. He and Mitch seem to be close. And I figure he sees some risk to himself in doing it. What other reason could there be but self interest?

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