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Pamela Geller here.

More of the same. We can trust the followers of Islam to imitate the actions of Muhammad.

There were dozens of attacks — despite the fact that police were there. Just like Cologne and scores of other cities under siege by the Muslim invasion of Europe.

Lest we forget, Obama is bringing in hundreds of thousands of these “orphan” “children.”

RT: Over 20 girls between 12 and 18 years old told police they were sexually assaulted by a group of men during a music festival in Karlstad, Sweden in attacks similar to those that occurred in Cologne during New Year’sEvecelebrations in Germany.

Police are investigating “a score of cases in which young girls have been molested,” Swedish Aftonbladet daily reported.

It said that the alleged attacks occurred during the “Putte i Parken” rock festival in Karlstad in Varmland County, despite enhanced police presence.

“Migrant gang sexually assault children as young as 12 at festival,” By Lizzie Stromme, Express, July 3, 2016:

A gang of seven to eight men have been preying on young girls to carry out 23 sex attacks this weekend.

Victims at the Putte Festival in Karlstad this weekend, said they were surrounded and then the gang started to grope them.

Police officer Per-Arne Eriksson said: “The girls said that a group of seven to eight young guys surround them. They groped their bottoms and breasts and forced their hands inside their cloths.”
Two underage migrants have been arrested – but have since been released.

Mr Eriksson added: “The two suspects belong to the group of unaccompanied refugee children. They were released because of their young age and sent back to their accommodation. They are under 18 years old.”

On Saturday morning police had received 16 complaints of sex crimes and by Sunday they had received another seven, making it a total of 23 reported incidents at the free music festival.

However officials said they expect the number to raise after the event finishes.Police increased their presence at the festival on Saturday evening after they received the first reports, however it did not appear to have halted the assaults.Festival organiser Niclas Lagerstam wrote on Facebook: “We at Putte feel deeply for those who had their festival experience ruined because of sexual assaults.
Yes more of the same, sexual assaults on girls coming to America soon as Obama allows more “refugees” to enter the country un-vetted. Sadly it’s becoming an everyday story about girls being sexually attacked by Muslims. I guess it’s in their DNA to do these things. But remember they are peaceful Muslims. And their religion is peaceful. This is just outrageous.

Comments on: "MUSLIM Migrant Gang SEXUALLY ATTACK DOZENS OF CHILDREN at Festival in Sweden" (9)

  1. Hardnox said:

    The only remedy to these horrors is to make the price tag so tremendously high that it corrects their behavior.


    • I’d say give em death!


      • Hardnox said:

        That was what I was meaning… a lot of it. We need to break their back and remove their taste for horror after first introducing it to them in spades not known in the history of mankind. islam understands this type of language.


        • HN, I kind of figured that. It would be my answer for ending this barbarism against little girls. You are right, the only thing they understand is brute force and killing.


  2. Hardnox has it right.I am willing to demonstrate a 1911 in either 45ACP or 38 Super on ANY SOB that tries to assault my grand daughters or great grand daughter. Be warned Achmed,be warned.


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