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Edited Note: On Face Book, I am learning that the original post on HuffPo has been taken down because the belief is it is false. But it is going viral with all kinds of news organizations. At this time I would consider this story up in the air and not validated. I am trying to decide whether to take it down at this point. But will wait for further verification. I’m going to check with the 2nd source.


From Thomas Madison, Powered Wig Society here

Now it is being reported that not only will Hitlery be charged, but so will Slick Willie, and not for peanuts charges, but on federal racketeering charges.

This report initially appeared on the leftist site, Huffington Post, but was quickly deleted by the Clinton apologists at Huffpo, but not before it could be captured by Frank Huguenard and posted to his facebook page.

Huge hat tip to Global Research, where I found the story, which led me to Huguenard’s facebook page, where he has posted the complete Huffpo article.

This is deep doodoo for Bill and Hill. Say goodbye to running for president. Say hello to running for your lives.

From Global Research

Global Research Editor’s Note

This article was first published by The Huffington Post. The author of the article is distinguished film producer Frank Huguenard


Go to Thomas Madison’s link for the full story.



Comments on: "Clintons To Be Charged With Federal Racketeering" (22)

  1. Fireheart said:

    Shit the bed this is just too much why in the name of Starclan does that bitch get off running for President. If she is voted in we have a lot of sick people in our country.


    • Susie, I’m learning now the story may be false. So I don’t know what to think. I don’t see any other news about it so it may very well be a fake story. This really gripes me. We know they are guilty of the crime of racketeering but I doubt they will be charged or indicted.


  2. If only it was true, somehow I feel it is a false story as they both are tooooo well protected.


    • aussieian, it may very well be a false story. What amazes me is that a man as well known as Huguenard would put this out.

      I too think the Clintons are to well protected and will never be charged with anything


      • I think you are right. You and I will be indicted for flying the American flag before these two will be charged with anything.


        • Bob, yeah it is so unbelievable that we could get charged for what you said while they go free. I’m completely sick of it and them. I guess we’ll never be rid of this scum as long as we live. If she becomes president it’s time to leave the country if we can.


  3. I surely understand HuffnBlo disappearing that story, but am amazed they had it at all.
    The Clintons are so in-your-face crooked it’s disgusting. And they are so callous and cool about it as if they know they will slither out of anything they do. And so far they have.
    Please God make it stop.


    • Terry, I think the story is false now. It’s gone viral everywhere but I think that man Huguenard did it for kicks now. I don’t understand why a man with his reputation would put a false story out. But it’s looking like it now from what I’m reading on Twitter. What a shame.

      They will slither out of this as they always do. I wish God would make it stop too.


      • It’s a shame if it is false. But “What difference does it make” anyway. They’ll just keep on leaving their trail of slime and getting away with it until God finally nails them.


        • Terry, yes it is. And they are really slimy and slithery as they’ve gotten away with so much. It’s almost unbelievable isn’t? I guess God will get them in the end, I hope anyway.


  4. Donna Rabus said:

    Nothing will ever happen to the Clintons – they will keep up their corruption..


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    never gonna happen


  6. willibeaux said:

    I can’t understand why false articles are posted. It only causes heartburn. We may not live to see the Clintons receive their just punishment for all of their evil deeds. I just finished reading “Crisis of Character”. It’s a real eye opener.


    • I’m sorry willibeaux. I got it from a good source who I’ve gone to his blog for ages now. I can’t see him putting up a false story. But it looks like he got hood winked just like me.

      I don’t think the Clintons will ever get justified punishment either, probably never at this point. We all know they have gotten away with everything before.

      I bet that book is good. How about sending me some excerpts so I can put it up as an article under your name?


  7. That would be welcome news, if Comey has the guts to bring that information. What disturbs me as much as Clintons is that every day Lynch receives updates on the progress of the investigation. So she knows all the material, basically. And does she pass it on? That seems one of the big reasons she could not recuse herself because she said she would stop receiving daily briefings. The deeply corrupt Clintons are aware of all their dealings.


    • Bull, Mr. Madison got back to me and the story is false. He got snookered too.

      Comey won’t be able to recommend charges in this explosive situation that will cause a Constitutional crisis. I’m sure he’s had his orders from above to drop it and make it into a misdemeanor is what I’m reading and hearing.

      If he did recommend indictment we both know Lynch is not going to indict.

      The whole lot of them are crooked beyond belief. And the Clintons will skate once again. I hate to sound so pessimistic but it’s not looking good. And all the ABC networks are broadcasting that Clinton is found innocent of the charges. Not that that means a damn thing.

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      • So true. Now where are they getting their information of no indictment unless it is wishful thinking? But they are saying it nonetheless. We’ve been run over again, I think.


      • I guess in the end they need to keep the Clinton Fundation open, otherwise all those old Clinton loyalist would be out of six figure jobs. But then Barry will open his and they’ll be in competition.And if she gets into the Oval office, it will crank the operation into high gear. But a false story? Only about bringing charges.


        • Ha, isn’t that the truth! What would happen to all their employees and lackeys if they don’t get paid their huge salaries. Why they might even rat the Clintons out. But more likely not.

          Yes it is a true story like you said. Unfortunately not the charges.


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