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Canada Mexican Airlift – Obama’s Answer To Trump Border Wall, Continue Invasion The foreign enemy squatting in our White House has come up with a plan. He is doing it as part of the conspiracy (sorry, did that word “trigger” you?) that was on display this past week in Canada between the invading forces…

Jessica Vaughn, the Director of Policy Studies at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) isn’t fooled by the sleight of hand. She told Breitbart, “This could be enticing because some parts of our southern border have been hardened and are now very difficult to cross without being detected.” She expressed her concerns that Mexicans will be airlifting themselves to the open, unguarded north and into America. She warns, “Especially those Mexicans who have been deported already from the United States, or anyone who fraudulently obtains a Mexican passport, might seek to enter the United States illegally from Canada across our largely unguarded northern border.”

via Canada Mexican Airlift – Obama’s Answer To Trump Border Wall — RickWells.US


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