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Benghazi Mom Pat Smith Says Clinton And Obama Lied To Her – Hillary Lied, Put Her In Stripes [AdSense-B] Patricia Smith has had more than enough of the lying, obstruction and personal attacks coming from Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama in their attempts to make the Benghazi problem just go away and allow them to […]

I’ve seen Pat Smith on Fox many times and I don’t think there is a woman who has pulled at my heartstrings more over the Benghazi failure where 4 heroes died for now reason. Pat Smith begged Hillary to contact her to no avail. She has wept, been angry, and forlorn. This is the kind of grief Hillary Clinton has caused the families. Pat Smith’s son Sean Smith was one of the fallen heroes that horrible night. God bless her and keep her safe. I hope she gets answers one of these days, but it seems very doubtful which is a scandal in itself. And Hillary says, “it’s time to move on”. Pat Smith can’t move on until she knows the truth.

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Comments on: "Benghazi Mom Clinton, Obama Lied To – Hillary Lied, Put Her In Stripes — RickWells.US" (9)

  1. Hillary for Prison in 2016 along with those gutless Congresscritters that allowed Obama to become a dictator.


  2. High Horse Strong said:

    Hillary “Cankles” Clinton: “It’s time to move on.”

    REALLY?! I wish it were possible that the ghosts of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods, & Glen Doherty would haunt Hillary & Obama for the rest of their lives!!

    If only that were possible.

    I wonder how these feckless, narcissistic, POS people sleep? Obama, Hillary, and this ENTIRE “administration” is PURE EVIL!

    I would like to see everyone in this “administration” move on – to a Federal Supermax prison facility, “for treason and complicity to murder as well as terrorism, gun and missile running, who knows what all will eventually be discovered.”

    We won’t forget what happened at Benghazi!!! NEVER!
    This “administration” truly has blood on its hands!


    • HHS, I wish too that the ghost of the Benghazi 4 would be haunting her, but she has no conscience so it’s never going to happen. The woman is a sociopath. I wish it were possible too.

      Well Hillary slept that very night of the attack straight from her own mouth. So I’m sure she’s never lost a wink of sleep over this. Yes she is EVIL as is the whole Obama admin, and just think what her admin would look like. I get chills just thinking of her being president.

      Oh I’d love to see that too, HHS, that they all got to prison for their crimes, especially the treason they’ve committed many times over.

      No we won’t forget Benghazi or the families.

      I agree, these people have plenty of blood on their hands and they don’t care either.


  3. This and Pat Smith remind me that these are just the people Hillary would NOT ever want to talk to. (under any circumstances) The more Smith says that the more I know it’s true.

    Hillary could not even give lip service to those she sacrificed. After all, the only thing that matters to Hillary is Hillary’s well-being. Cold, heartless, and calculated like evil itself.


    • Bull, exactly. Hillary can’t have a conversation with Pat Smith. Pat would throw her lies into her face and Hillary would walk away as she does other people when they face her down.

      You’re right, Hillary only cares about herself. I doubt she has ever cared for anyone in her life. She only uses people to get what she wants and she doesn’t care how she does it either.


  4. Fireheart said:

    Bullright . Truer words have never been spoken


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