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Deconstructing the Lie of TWA 800

TWA 800


In a number of ways, one specific event that happened twenty-years ago next month is even more relevant to today’s political and geopolitical landscape.

It was on Wednesday, July 17, 1996, a serene summer evening when the burning wreckage of TWA Flight 800 fell into the Atlantic Ocean not far from the southern coastline of Long Island, New York.

At 8:31 PM ET, just twelve minutes after taking off from JFK airport, the lives of all 230 people on-board tragically and unexpectedly ended. The lives of their surviving family members were also forever changed. So too, was the trajectory of our nation.

We were told that following a long and exhaustive investigation, the cause of this significant loss of life was a mechanical malfunction of the Boeing 747-100, an explosion of the center fuel tank, something that had not happened before or since. The actual facts, however, point to something entirely different. Enter author Jack Cashill.

Admittedly, investigative journalist Jack Cashill was not the first or only person to pick up the mantle of investigation of TWA Flight 800 in the fall of 2000, nor did his questioning the government account come lightly. However, Mr. Cashill made up for any lost ground through his tenacious investigation and contacts that exposes not only the lie, but the mechanics of the lie. He exposes the identities of those who orchestrated and facilitated in perpetuating the lie in his forthcoming book, TWA 800, The Crash, The Cover-Up, and The Conspiracy (available for purchase here on July 5, 2016). 

WA 800, The Crash, The Cover-Up, and The Conspiracy contains new information that will leave even the most well-informed and well-read stunned. His manner of presentation is well-sourced and heavily documented. His new findings, combined with previously established facts, is capable of withstanding even the most vigorous governmental cross-examination, and should readily convince even the most hardened skeptic of the lies that have been thrust down the throats of the American public.

Sadly, though, it is due to an orchestration of deceit that the victims of this tragedy and their families have been further victimized, along with each eyewitness that night and every American citizen who cares about the truth. Even after two decades, the blood of the victims cries out for the truth, while the cries of their loved ones continue to be unceremoniously muffled by the foot soldiers of the unscrupulous and corrupt.

But what caused this massive loss of life? An honest investigation of the evidence, including those who witnessed what happened in the sky that night, should answer this question. The necessary component is, of course, the honesty and integrity of the investigation. As it was ultimately discovered, the investigation was “managed” from the start and a false narrative was served to the American people.

There were nearly 700 eyewitnesses to what happened to TWA Flight 800 on that fateful night. Of those witnesses, 258 people saw an object ascending from the horizon to the aircraft, leaving a signature contrail in its wake. Another dozen additional witnesses saw what could be described as a missile strike and the passenger aircraft breaking up and falling into the Atlantic in about 120 feet of water.

Once again we find the Clintons covering up a scandal for greed, re-election and power. The plane was apparently shot down by a missile with many eye witnesses, up to 700.

But that is not the story the Clintons and their minions put out for public consumption. Mechanical malfunction was the story. But, that is proven to be a lie by Mr. Cashill who spent a lot of time investigating the crash.

Like the Benghazi attack, the truth had to be covered up since it was only 4 months to re-election when the attack occurred.


Because the article is too long to put up, read the stunning full story here.


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  1. CNN reported 20,000 surface to air missiles missing. The military was on its way to secure Gaddafi’s armory and were ordered to stand down. By the time that they got clearance from DC to go, the missiles were gone. Supposition is that much of the activities of Ambassador Christopher Stevens were scuttling all over Libya spreading millions of CIA (aka American taxpayer) dollars trying to buy them back. They had only recovered about half when he was killed.
    They could be anywhere in the world now. If the terrorists carried them into the US and began taking out a random plane a day(impossible to defend against ), it would be only a matter of days before much of our economy ground to a halt.


  2. I’ve long been bothered by that crash. Nothing has suited to explain it or all the reports. Cashill was one of the old reliables on it afterward. The gov’t narrative did not fit.


    • Bull, yes I know you have been bothered by it. It is bothersome to me that once again the government lied to us. I’m glad to hear Cashill is an old reliable.

      I have to wonder how many other things the government has lied to us about. I think Obama takes the medal for that. But the Clintons have been great with their lies and for much longer. So they make take the medal instead.


  3. I’ll be passing this on!


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