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New European Super-State Controlled From Brussels – All Nat’l Sovereignty Gone Those who prefer to pretend that unpleasant realities are merely their imagination or “conspiracy theories,” when it’s convenient won’t like the news coming out of Europe on the heels of the Brexit vote. The European Union is now moving towards the complete abolition of…

Please read the whole article at the link below. This is not a conspiracy theory, but is really happening and the Germans are trying to make sure no EU country has any sovereignty. This is a nightmare.

via EU Super State, Continental Army Forming – Next Globalist Step — RickWells.US


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  1. Ah,yes.The Germans. Ein Reich,Ein Volk,Ein Fuehrer.One country,one people,one leader.
    Or maybe,”Fuehrer Befehl, wir Folgen” or Fuehrer Befehl und wir entagen was Folgen..
    Leader,give orders and we follow,#2 Leader give orders and we endure what follows.
    Sound like fun and sport and LOCK and Load.


    • Bob, in the article Rick Wells says Merkel has accomplished what Hitler wanted years ago.
      Yes lock and load for us. For the people in these EU countries who are not allowed guns I don’t know what the answer for them is other than try to fight it when it gets brought up for a vote. I can’t see many of these countries wanting this.


  2. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    America will need to regain complete Sovereignty from even our “allies” to just getmthriugh the turmoil coming to the financial world.
    ” This blueprint didn’t magically appear in the wake of the Brexit and word of the continental army has leaked out before. This is how the globalists operate; they connive, lie and cheat from the shadows, seizing opportunities as they create them or as they present themselves. They act in defiance of the will of the people because that is what is in their own exploitive best interests.

    This has been part of the grand scheme from the beginning, under the UN. The continental super-state is to be followed by a single global government. The names and geography are different but the scheme is the same for us with the North American Union. This is most definitely evidence of the conspiracy and proof that it is much more than a theory.

    It’s an active plot and those who dismiss it as silly fantasy are either naïve, uninformed or in on the plot. As the ranks of those becoming informed will certainly now be increasing with this revelation, it’s going to become much easier to determine who is the treasonous globalist and much harder for them to hide.”


  3. I’d say that picture is worth a billion words. They’ve abolished sovereignty. Now the media question our use of words like elitist and globalist. Well, duh, we are the villains? ‘Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.’

    I’d like to know what is there to trust in these globalist institutions? Liberals wet dream is always complaining about corporatism, big-money influence in politics but yet support these institutions without question.


    • It’s rather chilling isn’t? The media have proven as far as I’m concerned taht they want this globalism, hence they make fun of us and call us bigots, racists, xenophobes. But it’s real and people are becoming aware.

      Obviously there is nothing to trust in these institutions. They’ve sneakily taken over many parts of our country with devious plans such as “sustainable development” which sounds harmless on the surface but it is evil


  4. High Horse Strong said:

    “……….As is the case with most aspects of the globalist takeover, it had to be accomplished through stealth and deceit.”

    WOW!! I get the chills reading that article! Thank you for sharing Pepper. This information HAS to go viral! Those behind such a diabolical plot need to be exposed!

    I’d love to tell these globalist goons, “no so fast!”

    At the risk of sounding naïve, if other European countries that are currently a part of the E.U. decided to follow Britain’s suit and the dominoes start falling, such an attempt of a “globalist takeover” may just fall apart.

    The “globalists” may have to abandon their nefarious plot. It’s time to strike a blow against elitism!


    • HHS, I do hope at least some of the other countries in the EU decide to bail out like the UK. It would be a huge blow to the globalists. I think Poland for one wants to bail. They don’t like this one bit. They’ve already been under a satellite country of Russia. They know what it’s like.

      You are welcome HHS, for the info. It is chilling indeed. All my posts go up on Twitter so hopefully it will get retweeted enough for others to see it.

      This globalism has been diabolical from the start and we’ve got too many pols here who are involved in it. It’s time to throw these traitors out.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    Perfect. How could that go wrong?


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