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From Pamela Geller, read full story here.

Another young girl slaughtered by savages- her dead body found in a bedroom of a refugee center. But do not speak ill of them, you brutes, you’ll hurt their feelings. The primary concern of the EU is for the Muslim migrants, not their own citizens.

They send these innocent girls to work in these refugee centers, like sheep to slaughter.

The fact they Sweden did not halt all Muslim immigration after Alexandra Mehzer’s savage murder demonstrates that they are already dead.

Another young Swedish girl murdered –I blame the leftist elites who put this girl in jeopardy, who lie about the “poor refugees” and who misinform their populations about the very real threat this invasion poses.

Her death is the fourth alleged murder at a Swedish asylum centre this year.

Alexandra-Mezher-Alexandra Mezher, pictured right with her best friend Lejla Filipovic at their high school graduation. was also murdered by migrants at a care home for unaccompanied child refugees


Since Obama has upped the number of refugees coming here with a vetting period he lowered to one to 3 months, how long will it be before this happens here to our young girls. They are told there is nothing to worry about, that these are “peaceful Muslims” who only want to escape their war-torn countries.

And if Hillary is elected she plans to up the number of refugees admitted to this country, a very dangerous plan indeed.

And the cover ups of the murders would be hidden as they are now. Our children and young people are going to be put in very dangerous situations. This demonstrates that like Obama, Hillary does not care about our own citizens, but only those of Muslims. I’m sick of being a second class citizen in our own country and special treatment for Muslims.



Comments on: "Another Young Girl Killed in Refugee Camps" (9)

  1. High Horse Strong said:

    Those photos are very horrific! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised that incidents such as this will be repeated. This is graphic proof that political correctness is LETHAL!

    I TOTALLY agree with your commentary Pepper. I get absolutely LIVID when I hear these libtards want to import more of these unvetted “refugees” into our country. Plus, when incidents such as this occur, the IdiO’bama Amin administration goes out of their way to cover it up, all the while, trying to feed us the narrative that “Syrian Refugees No More Dangerous Than Tourists”!

    And of course, if any of us show no tolerance toward this scum, we all could be federally prosecuted should we ‘spread false information or inflammatory statements about these Islamic rat bastards’!

    I suspect there are no databases available to glean any background information on this vermin. Surely the Federal Government knows that.

    Half the time, I get speechless just knowing that this scum has the potential to harm my fellow American. Obama, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, and all of his other merry band of sycophants are going to get many people here killed and for what?

    This madness has to end NOW!!


    • HHS, I love your rant and agree completely.

      Yes these types of crimes will be repeated and this is only Sweden. The same types of crimes are happening in other EU countries. It’s all over the place as these Muslims think they have the right to do such horrific acts.

      Ha yeah Obama trying to make us believe these refugees are nothing more than tourists is laughable if it weren’t so serious. I get livid over that too. I also get livid every time he is “this is not who we are”. He makes me sick.

      It’s a scandal that we cannot have a say about these vermin coming here. Our reps are doing nothing about it either. The repukes like Paul Ryan go right along with it.

      Yes it’s a horrible thought that the characters you mentioned are getting people killed and more will be as long as this view is pounded into our heads that these Muslims are nice people when we know there are so many of them wanting to kill us. Right for what? I think so Obama can make this a Muslim country.

      Madness it is!


  2. Fireheart said:

    peace loving my ass.


  3. willibeaux said:

    Coming to the USofA if we continue to let our guard down.


  4. There must be laws that Libtards promoting open border to those “refugees” have to live among them.

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