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There is a considerable amount of media banter about a petition being submitted to the U.K. Parliament requesting a second EU Referendum. –SEE HERE– The petition is being pushed by disgruntled left-wing activists who voted to “REMAIN” in the European Union and lost the original referendum by over 1.3 million votes to the larger majority […]

via Whoopsie – 70% Of British Parliament Petition Signatures Demanding Another EU Referendum Don’t Live In The U.K…. — The Last Refuge


Comments on: "Whoopsie – 70% Of British Parliament Petition Signatures Demanding Another EU Referendum Don’t Live In The U.K…. — The Last Refuge" (8)

  1. Well it’s all over bar the shouting , I like to think Churchill is smiling, I cannot understand the call for a second referendum, the people have spoken, all I can think is that a second referendum is to coerce the majority into a pre-ordained plan to remain, not short of brainwashing and lobbying.


    • I believe that Churchill is smiling. I hope the shouting is about done. The people voted and that’s it as far as I’m concerned. And if most of these signatures are not from the UK, then it’s meaningless.

      Sure the globalists are hating this as it means their gravy train is one less country. I read today that the Netherlands is calling for a NEXIT. I hope they do.

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  2. High Horse Strong said:


    “This once again proves that when the left-wing anarchists lose they will use every tool of deception and manipulation to try and regain their stompy-footing.”

    ‘NUF SAID! I couldn’t have said it any better!


    • HHS, I agree and they are up to it again. The end of this is not over as the globalists enlist certain UK elites to go back on their promises to the people.


  3. Note 2 Parliament:
    TRUMP 2016


  4. aaah, I like that one a lot. 🙂


  5. They sure are having a war with the truth over there.


  6. Exactly Bull!


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