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From Pamela Geller. For full story read here.

Obama-appointed prosecutor threatens community

“The Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for Idaho has taken the highly unusual step of intervening in a local criminal case involving an alleged sexual assault by juvenile Muslim migrants and threatened the community and media with federal prosecution if they ‘spread false information or inflammatory statements about the perpetrators.’”

Have you ever heard of a federal prosecutor in any other sexual assault case threatening the public on behalf of the perpetrators? This only makes it clear that everything I said here is true: “Clearly there is a coverup going on, intended to keep Americans ignorant and complacent about the dangers of the migrant influx.”

The following is a news release issued late Friday from the office of United States Attorney Wendy J. Olson.

“BOISE – The United States Attorney’s Office extends its support to the five-year-old victim of assault, and her family, at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls.

“The United States Attorney’s Office further encourages community members in Twin Falls and throughout Idaho to remain calm and supportive, to pay close attention to the facts that have been released by law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney, and to avoid spreading false rumors and inaccuracies.

“Grant Loebs is an experienced prosecutor, and Chief Craig Kingsbury is an experienced law enforcement officer. They are moving fairly and thoughtfully in this case,” said Wendy J. Olson, U.S. Attorney for Idaho. “As Mr. Loebs and Chief Kingsbury informed the public, the subjects in this case are juveniles, ages 14, 10 and 7. The criminal justice system, whether at the state or federal level, requires that juveniles be afforded a specific process with significant restrictions on the information that can be released. The fact that the subjects are juveniles in no way lessens the harm to or impact on the victim and her family.”

Here we go again with the Obama administration stepping in to protect his favorite group, the Muslims. How many times is this going to happen before the American people rise up and demand that this sort of thing is STOPPED!


Olson continued, saying:

“The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law. We have seen time and again that the spread of falsehoods about refugees divides our communities. I urge all citizens and residents to allow Mr. Loebs and Chief Kingsbury and their teams to do their jobs.”

Oh so we’re being threatened again not to open our mouths and speak about this crime. Loretta Lynch made the same threats after the San Bernadino massacre by Muslim terrorists.

OlsonOlson was appointed to her post in 2010 by President Obama and has a history of taking strong stands against “anti-Muslim bias.”

WND was the first to report a set of facts about the Twin Falls assault based on the eyewitness account of an 89-year-old grandmother who saw “something funny” going on at the laundry room entrance. It was there, on the afternoon of June 2, that Jolene Payne said she saw a 14-year-old boy filming something through a crack in the laundry room door. She flung open the door and was shocked at what she found. She said she saw two younger boys, ages 10 and 7, both naked, along with the little girl, who the boys had also allegedly stripped of her clothing.

The girl was covered in urine, Payne told WND.

The rest of the details are foggy due to the case being sealed, which is standard in juvenile cases.


Comments on: "Explosive New Twist in Idaho Sex Case" (19)

  1. High Horse Strong said:


    Obama’s propagation of despotism never ceases to amaze me! I guess the only job requirement to work in the Idi’Obama Amin administration is to be a sycophantic thug!

    Sounds like they don’t want the truth to be told:

    “Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson has taken the highly unusual step of intervening in a local criminal case involving an alleged sexual assault by juvenile Muslim migrants and threatened the community and media with federal prosecution if they ‘spread false information or inflammatory statements about the perpetrators.”

    I don’t have to ask the question as to whose side these people are on. Wendy J. Olson, just like Idi’Obama Amin and his other minions CLEARLY don’t believe in standing up for law-abiding American citizens (of every stripe). They will only cater to criminal elements only!

    This government can try covering up stories like this, but ultimately the word gets out about such atrocities occurring on our soil. I HIGHLY suspect that people are saying to hell with tolerance and political correctness. The people WILL take matters into their own hands at this point, not giving a damn about the consequences. Clearly, this administration doesn’t give a damn about protecting innocent, law-abiding Americans anymore. We are on our own!

    It’s our time to have an American Spring (it’s LONG overdue!)… Hopefully President Trump will root out this wretched vermin from our country (Idi’Obama Amin included) and send them back to the Middle East where they belong!


    • HHS, apparently the only job requirement to work in O’s admin. is to love Muslims and protect them at the cost of the American people. He has appointed all radical, leftist judges all over the country. I hope to see these judges go if Trump is elected.

      No these people are not standing up for us and it’s getting more dangerous all the time. No they don’t want the truth known as they want us all to believe these Muslims and refugees are all “harmless”. It’s getting on my last nerve as I think it is on others.

      Yes we are on our own in defending ourselves and then they want to take our guns away. I say NO WAY to that. Now wouldn’t that be just great. We get attacked by these terrorists and criminals and we wouldn’t have a way to defend ourselves against them.

      You are so right, I hope too that we have our own American Spring here and Trump wins putting a ban on no more Muslims right now. Also to deport the ones who have committed these crimes. I’m sick to death of this crap. I hope lots of others are too and we revolt in large numbers to win the election.


  2. ‘Since the Muslim religion is the only religion, if you change from Muslim to any other religion you are guilty of the crime of Apostasy and under sharia law it is punishable by death.’ EVEN IN ENGLAND
    Wanna UNDERSTAND exactly what kind of BLIND FAITH Muslims have?
    “APOSTASY” in Sharia Law


  3. willibeaux said:

    Pepp…..this smells to high heaven. Hopefully the Donald will can all of zero’s appointments.


    • willibeaux, I hope the Donald can get rid of every judge O has ever appointed and every Muslim within O’s administration. Everything connected to O stinks to high heaven.


  4. Olsen states :
    “We have seen time and again that the spread of falsehoods about refugees divides our communities.”

    It’s more like the spread of TRUTHS about refugees is totally ignored.
    That’s what is dividing our communities and Our Nation.


  5. She looks like Greg Brady. Trans? Cis-Vague? WTF?


  6. Gar Swaffar said:

    Too many Federal laws


  7. […] Source: Explosive New Twist in Idaho Sex Case […]


  8. It’s their definition of “moving fairly and thoughtfully in this case,” that really scares the me. Thoughtful?. Seems like we’ve had a “thoughtful” overload from Obama’s regime.

    Sure, those who speak about the perpetrators of assaults are the real threat to this country. Actually, their treatment of this and other cases is what creates a canyon between the people and the government. And again, liberals seem to be silent on this crime.


  9. Great comment Bull. Yeah, moving thoughtfully means we can’t talk about it. It is very scary. You got that right, I too am on overload of Obama’s thoughtfulness over Muslims. No thoughts for the victims or the American people who are getting killed.

    That’s right we who don’t like this kind of crime by Muslims are the real threat according to King Fraud. Well I’m sick of this. And sick of him.

    Liberals are always silent when it comes to these Muslim crimes. Wait until they get hit by one of these crimes and see how they like it.


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