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EU Plotting – “See How Painful This Is? Don’t Get Any Ideas” Defense Against Freedom This is going to hurt; they plan to make sure of it. The last thing the globalists want in their perfect little world of obedient servitude and dictates issued from the safety of anonymity and remoteness is another upstart…

via EU Plotting To “Make Brexit Hurt” To Discourage Other Defections — RickWells.US


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  1. The New World Order is hurting, they are hoping a domino effect won’t occur, we need to dismantle the United Nations also.


    • Yes, you are right. The average people have caught on to the NWO and they don’t like it. The UNnecessary needs to be thrown out of the US. Most tax payers are done paying for a bunch of dictators trying to tell us all what to do. We foot most of the bill for the UN. I hope if Trump gets elected he dismantles it.

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      • High Horse Strong said:



      • High Horse Strong said:

        No truer words spoken Pep!!


      • High Horse Strong said:

        I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop! I hope this is the beginning of the end for the E.U. & its “leadership”. Time will tell…

        I’ve heard over the past couple of days that the following European countries may hold referendums to leave the E.U. as well. They are:


        I didn’t know that Austria & Finland may be in the mix as well.

        It’s nice seeing elitist squirm! Power to the people! We need to heard LOUD & CLEAR!

        The E.U. may plot to make “BREXIT hurt”, but I suspect that this will backfire on these elitist scumbags if they try…

        I have my popcorn ready.


        • HHS, thanks for the list. I’m with you. I hope these other countries do the same and leave the EU. I didn’t know that Hungary was on that list.

          Yes we do need to be heard loud and clear and I hope that happens here too as the globalists love our wealthy country so much. They get to take the most from us. I do believe that is one of the main reasons for the hatred of Trump, not these other straw men the elites throw up about him.

          Hope you are right that this plotting will backfire on these elites. We can see now just how desperate they are to hang onto their power and money.


      • Fireheart said:

        I agree


  2. If germany knows what’s good for them
    Get rid of Ugly killary’s Twin Sister
    merk da jerk
    TRUMP 2016


  3. Food for thought…
    If the NWO elites had their way with the United States,, would we now be staging a UNISEXIT ?


  4. That reminds me of another elitist ghoul, Obama and the shutdown. Make it hurt. And since they have the power, why not use it to crack down on citizens for opposing them?


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