Wicked Commentary

With Britain leaving the EU, the people demonstrated that they want their sovereignty back and have their government answer to them.

It was time for the Brits to rise up and throw off the globalists in Brussels who were unaccountable to anyone.

Flags of Britain

Now American has the same opportunity to do the very same thing, rise up and throw the globalists out of power in our country.

This is why it’s so important to vote in November for Donald Trump who has already stated, no globalism under his command.

It’s also very important to throw out those in Congress who want globalism to reign here.

We have this opportunity to do this peacefully so let’s take it and run with it. Let’s be able to celebrate just as the “little people” of Britain did.

Let’s raise our American flags everywhere to let everyone know we want our sovereignty back just like Britain.

American Flag

Let’s get er done!


Comments on: "Opportunity for America After BREXIT" (12)

    TRUMP 2016


  2. aaah, Yes #Trump2016 for our sovereignty!


  3. Just Gene said:

    There were many discussions about why David Cameron allowed it to be brought to a public vote. Simple – the fix was in – oops, it wasn’t. I believe the same thing is going to happen to the repugnicants – they are so bold that they think it is wrapped up – here’s what I think:
    Little Paul Ryan
    Sat there a’crin
    Eating his curds and whey
    Along came a Trump
    And kicked his fat rump
    And chased poor Ryan away
    or maybe
    Little Ted Cruz
    Imploring his muse
    While eating his curds and whey
    Along came a Trump
    And kicked his fat rump
    And chased poor Teddy away


  4. This was the first shot across the bow.


  5. High Horse Strong said:

    Congratulations to the British for their decision! I hope the dominoes will start to fall and who knows, a possible end to the EU?

    I tend to think those that supported BREXIT gave Obama, Hillary, SorrySoros, and a multitude of elitists one big collective MIDDLE FINGER!! That makes me happy!

    Now it’s our time to the same here in America! Hopefully our voices will be heard come this November.

    I pray America is watching this and get inspired. May the American Spring begin…..


    • HHS, yes congrats to the Brits for winning their war vs globalism. There may be more to leave the EU and that would be just great.

      LOL! Yeah, Obama, Hillary, and Soros are on the wrong side of history right now. I hope that means a loss for Hillary in November. I too hope our voices are heard in November and we get to take our country back too. I’m fed up with this disastrous globalism and wealth distribution which is all that it is.

      Oh how I’d love to see our own American Spring too!


  6. Fireheart said:

    Here ! Here !


  7. Fireheart said:

    Me too


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